Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ohio Pit bull roundup, August 10, 2012

I am WAY behind on Ohio pit bull news. Nothing for it but to get started.

Cincinnati fell to the pressure of pit bull advocacy and dropped their pit bull ban in May. Just a few weeks later they had their first pit bull mauling death. A grown man was killed, in his own apartment, by his own pit bull/designer mix dog.

The newly "breed neutral" city is now experiencing dog fighting. Here is the shocker, the dogs involved are not Goldens or Labs, but the newly welcomed pit bulls! Five people were arrested as they attempted to run from police who responded to the call about fighting dogs. An animal control officer was bitten by one of the pit bulls that were released by the dog fighters in their rush to escape. Dog fighting is a fourth degree felony in Ohio. A conviction can bring up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Congratulations Cincinnati, looking good!

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This from the Chagrin Falls Police Blotter, scroll on down to "Animal Bites, Bell Street". Two pit bulls ran out of their owner's yard to attack a dog being walked by a peaceful resident out for a pleasant evening walk. The pit bulls blasted through an electric fence and through traffic to attack the other dog. The peaceful citizen was able to kick the dogs identified in the article as both pit bulls and American Bulldogs (which are pit bull designer dogs and are considered "dogs commonly known as pit bull dogs" by Ohio law). The owner of the attacking dogs stated that his fence was "apparently not working" and that this behavior was "uncharacteristic" of his dogs.

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From Springfield Township Ohio.

Clark County deputies attempted to serve an arrest warrant on Keith Mumma. Per "The warrant was issued from domestic violence and assault charges earlier in the day." When police entered the yard Mumma released his pit bull out the back door and went back inside the house. Per, Deputies stated "the dog came at them, and they were barely able to get out of the yard." The Clark County Humane Society was called and was able to secure the dog. Now Mumma faces the original charges of domestic violence, assault, AND two charges of felonious assault on a police officer. Some poor choices were made by Mr. Mumma.

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From Columbus Ohio comes the story of 34 year old Andre Barker, wanted for a parole violation. In 2006 he pled no contest for allowing his dogs to attack and kill two dogs and maul a third dog. As part of his sentence Barker was ordered to pay restitution to the owners of the killed, and mauled dogs. It is now 2012 and restitution has not yet been paid, nor have fines and court costs been paid. Per "Baker appeared a fugitive safe surrender last year in an attempt to get his warrants waived. However, authorities said they believe he may have left quickly after realizing he owed six months in jail for failing to comply to the terms and conditions of his parole."

In May of 2006 Barker's dogs (one wearing a chain around its neck and displaying stitches that were not done by a veterinarian) entered a neighbors yard and killed the neighbor's dog, named Shelby. Police reports state that Barker's dogs dragged Shelby's body around by the neck, then went on to menace children and other dogs in the neighborhood.

Fast forward two weeks and Barker's dogs killed another neighbor's dog, a maltese and yorkie mix that the owner had inherited from his late mother. This quote from, "According to reports, Baker entered the victim's back yard during the attack and yelled at the owner to get back in his house as the dog mangled the lifeless 'morkie' in his mouth."

The very next day one of Barker's dogs entered the SAME neighbor's house and attacked yet another dog in the living room of the home. This mixed breed dog, named Bernie survived but required surgery.

Assistant City Prosecutor Bill Hedrick stated "While the years have passed, the scars - both literally and figuratively - remain." Barker was prosecuted for these attacks. Barker's criminal record includes multiple counts of domestic violence, assault, felony drug possession, felony theft, criminal trespass, aggravated menacing, resisting arrest, receiving stolen property, obstructing official business, trafficking crack cocaine and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.

You will be shocked to know that Barker's dogs were not Beagles or Poodles, but were described as ...pit bulls.

Columbus authorities ask anyone with information on Barker to contact the prosecutor. I would also add, do not confront this man.