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Pit bull advocacy is STILL trying to fix the problem from the wrong end. Art and pit bulls.

This started out to be an item in the next Pit Bull Roundup but it took on a life of its own.

In a story that only makes sense coming from the Toledo Blade.  Breed specific advocates are lobbying the Fulton county Commissioners to re-think their policy on pit bulls being released from the Fulton County Dog Pound. So far the Fulton County Commissioners are not buying it.

The policy in Fulton County is that pit bull dogs not claimed by their owner are euthanized.  Given the numbers of pit bulls implicated in maulings and fatal attacks the policy makes sense.  Huge financial risk to the community is to be avoided. Those who claim to love the breed blather on about "it's all in how you raise 'em" but fail to acknowledge that the pit bulls in shelters are strays or owner surrenders.  Nobody has any idea how these dogs were raised and to place these dogs directly or to release them to rescues who will hand the pit bulls to anyone with a pulse is a policy that will get the county sued in the event of a serious or fatal mauling. Please click on this link for a photo of a pit bull advocate dramatically holding a hand written demand for an end to "discrimination" at the Fulton County Dog Pound in order to create a "safer community."    Pit bull advocates are unable to state exactly how releasing stray dogs with no known background, uninsured, un-microchipped, to the public will create a safe community.  All this hoopla is created over the humane euthanization of just FIVE dogs.

A candlelight vigil was held on September 27th, there is a link to photos of the event.   Don't miss the dramatic photo of Ohio's breed specific advocate, Jean Keating,  reading the names of the unjustly killed five pit bulls.  How long could that take?  Is it worth turning the car off and putting your car keys in your pocket? The Toledo Blade has provided multiple photos of those in attendance and guess what?  A great many of those in attendance do not live in Fulton County Ohio including Ms. Keating.  Ms. Keating is particularly upset that a young stray pit bull was humanely euthanized in Fulton County. Here is her quote “The killing of healthy puppies can’t be tolerated,” Ms. Keating said. “It’s unconscionable and cruel.”  Here is a link to video of a much less humane death, a puppy killed by pit bulls.  It is unpleasant to watch but it is reality in American  communities  Keating does not deal with the numbers of puppies, young and healthy pets, beloved senior pets killed in full view of their screaming owners by pit bulls every day across the United States..

There were no victims protesting the Fulton County candlelight vigil.

A peaceful candlelight vigil over FIVE pit bulls. Contrast this with the response of organized pit bull advocates to an art competition entry in Michigan.  The piece was called "Out of the Blue." It was a memorial to the Americans mauled to death by dogs so far in 2014  The piece was made up of crosses,  over 30 of them, each one memorializing a victim of a fatal dog attack just this year.  The piece was not breed specific, all dog attack fatalities were memorialized.
    Image description
The public was intrigued. Most people have no idea how many dog bite related fatalities there are in any given year. Interestingly, fair minded pit bull owners admit that everything shown by this exhibit is true.

 Pit bull advocates immediately organized a protest and demanded that this exhibit entry be removed because pit bulls were over represented.
Photo: Pit Bull owners and their dogs block the memorial for victims of dangerous dogs. Family of victims were afraid to attend for fear of being attacked and reoccurring PTSD issues. Six year old (pit bull attack survivor) Kaylie Baker Foster was forced to cancel her trip to this event for obvious reasons.It is so cruel and sad because this is such a healing event for survivors and family of victims to honor those who did not survive. The attack on pit bull survivor/victims is never over.

This is a photo taken of the protest taken by the artist.  The public was unable to approach or even see the display, the view was blocked by the very breed of dog "over represented".  Victims of pit bull attacks, many of them with PTSD were unable to tolerate contact with the dog and went home without seeing the entry. Below is another protest photo.  Don't they look proud of themselves?

Photo: pure evil

One of the pit bull owners protesting Out of the Blue was Rachel Jensen, a Kent County Animal Control officer. Below is a photo of the grinning Jensen with her pit bull, her friends and their pit bulls  They are posing gaily in front of a memorial to Americans killed by dogs this year, most by pit bulls.  Does this seem appropriate?  Please note the admission by Jensen's friend Emily Sanders(to Jensen's right in the photo) that they removed material provided by the artist and replaced it with flyers on "Make Michigan Next" an effort by pit bull advocates to deny home rule rights to Michigan communities with pit bull regulations, or considering regulating pit bulls.

Jensen is hip deep in the effort to deny Michigan residents their home rule rights.  Click here for the official "Make Michigan Next" rally video.  Jensen is a featured speaker and she appears at 35 minutes into the video.  Jensen makes an emotional but light on fact fact speech.  She talks about impounded pit bulls like that is the fault of local law.  When BSL is passed dogs already in the community are grandfathered if the owner meets requirements for keeping the dog. Usually these requirements are simple registration, possible insurance, possible microchipping. She has not considered that a dog owner who obtains a banned breed dog after regulations are passed has doomed their own pet. This is not the fault of the law but is a deliberate choice on the part of the owner.  Jensen talks about identification problems (for more on pit bull identification please click on this link.  ASPCA volunteers correctly identified pit bulls 96% of the time.  The only people unable to identify pit bulls are apparently pit bull owners, but I digress) and goes on to talk about DNA tests that may or may not have been done on the dogs.  Surely she is aware that the makers of dog DNA tests do not include pit bull DNA in the data base.  This is clearly stated on the Mars Wisdom Panel website.  Here is a link to the breed library.  You could test every dog at a Pit Pride Parade and not get a single positive. Jensen shows a photo of her self-declared pit bulls. Her dogs would not test positive either. Jensen tearfully talks about the pit bulls that are "victims of BSL" and goes on to
encourage those in attendance to go home and hug their dogs because the "victims of BSL do not have that luxury."   Families of those memorialized by Out of the Blue do not have the luxury of hugging their children, parents, spouses.  Owners of pets and livestock killed by pit bulls don't have that luxury either but the victims did not chose this.

Jensen is now the center of a controversy.  There have been strong concerns about her ability to do her job in an impartial manner.  So far the Kent County administration is defending Jensen's actions despite calls for her dismissal.   Here is the opinion of noted attorney Kenneth Phillips.  He begins with "Kent County must immediately fire -- not defend -- the animal control officer who showed support for pro-pit bull demonstrators who protested an art exhibit that memorialized people killed by dogs. His or her actions showed bias against dog bite victims. The fact that the police did not arrest any of the demonstrators does not excuse the officer's conduct. To promote confidence in law enforcement, officers must avoid even the appearance of impropriety whenever possible." 

Barbara Kay, Canadian journalist writes about Jensen as well.  "However legal Ms Jensen’s behavior was, it was also psychological abuse of her own, so to speak, clients. I therefore deplore in the strongest possible terms the evasive bureaucratise employed to deflect attention from this irreducible fact. Ms Jensen is not just another member of the public. She represents a government department supported on public monies. Her job requires her to maintain scrupulous objectivity in canine-related crises.

Jensen is not the only protester feeling the heat. This proud protester is offering his weapon dog for sale the day after the Art Prize competition ended and just two weeks after the protest.  He appears dead center in the group photo, and facing the ledge in the first protest photo placing his pit bull on the ledge in front of the crosses. It has been suggested that his landlord may have seen the photos and ordered the dog out. Sometimes going public has its risks.


Here is a link to video of another "responsible pit bull owner" telling a reporter that Out of the Blue is not appropriate for the Art Prize competition, while he has placed his pit bull on the ledge in front ot the crosses.  Appropriate?

                                                              * * *

We have two events that memorialize the dead.  One memorializing dogs was held peacefully. One memorializing humans killed by dogs was turned into a sideshow by breed specific advocates seeking to suppress truth.  Here is a hint for those who are insulted to see their dogs "over represented" at a memorial for Americans killed by dogs - stop letting your dogs kill people.

I'm going to end with one final link.  Please pay your respects to the dead. You might want a kleenex.

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Pit Bull Roundup 10/7/2014, Part one

Time flies and a Pit Bull Roundup is long overdue.  As always, get your coffee and get comfortable. This will be a long post and there is no particular order to this mess.

Celina Ohio

A Celina pit bull owner faces charges in two separate incidents on the same day.  Some people just do not learn.

As police reports indicate, in the first incident the pit bull owner crossed the street to confront a person walking a leashed dog for no apparent reason other than the leashed dog occupied space on planet pit bull. The owner of the leashed dog was able to get inside their home to safety.  Per The person then went to the house of the owner of the pit bull and when the pit bull came at them aggressively they backed their way back home and called police.

Wise choice was made by the owner of the leashed dog.  A paper trail on dangerous dogs is always useful.  Police followed up.  "A Celina police officer went to the door of the owner’s home and that’s when the pit bull came around the corner from the back of the residence and began barking.  The dog then jumped on the officer and scratched him repeatedly.  The officer backed away, but the pit bull continued to advance and jumped on him again.  The officer managed to push the animal away, but the dog continued to snap at him, so the officer pulled his gun and shot the dog once, injuring him.

The pit bull  ran off but was later located and treated by a veterinarian.  Charges against the pit bull owner are expected.

pit bull
file photo

                                                                       * * *

Mansfield Ohio

A recently adopted pit bull was hailed as a hero for waking Jacob Martin, his sleeping owner, alerting Martin to a fire in Martin's rented property next door.  Fast forward one week and Buddy the pit bull was turned over to a rescue.    This quote from the Inquisitir "In just two short months, Buddy’s status went from family dog to abandoned, rescued, hero, relinquished, nearly homeless, and now rescued again. Whether or not Buddy the hero pit bull will find the forever home he deserves is still up in the air."

Pit Bull
Buddy is available.  Suspect that there is more to the story than has been reported.  

                                                                  * * *

Akron Ohio

Pit bull rescue groups from three states held a fund raising and awareness event in Akron.  It should be noted that Akron has breed specific regulations for pit bulls.  A fluorescent green collar is to be on the dog at all times and the dog is to be muzzled and on a chain link leash per Akron Municipal code section 92.25 section E.     

Tutus were considered appropriate apparel. Municipal code requirements were ignored.

Ironically, the band providing music for this event is named "The Funeral Proposals."

                                                                    * * *

Mt. Gilead Ohio

On the very day (9/2/2014) an article appeared in the Morrow County Sentinel covering a city council meeting held on August 18th where possible repeal of a pit bull ban was discussed that repeal was passed by city council.  At the August 18th meeting a local resident and former city council member spoke against the repeal showing photos of his daughter who had been attacked by a pit bull on two different occasions. The daughter's dog was also seriously injured by the same pit bull.  It appears that the repeal was pushed by a local resident, her lawyer husband, and two other individuals.

The city council vote was 3 to 2.  One council member was unavailable for the meeting.   A new ordinance is being written to require "owner responsibility" which has never proven effective anywhere.  Good Luck to the residents of Mt. Gilead Ohio.

                                                                * * *
Springfield Ohio

A Springfield man was arraigned on two counts of animal cruelty to a companion animal for allegedly allowing his dog, a pit bull to starve and freeze to death.  Calvin Stewart pleaded not guilty.

The two year old dog weighed roughly 35 pounds at the time of its death.  Northwood Animal Hospital veterinarian Jessica Brugler rated the dog's condition per the Springfield News Sun " A dog’s body condition is rated on a scale from 1 to 9 with 5 being the best. Brugler rated the dog at a 1, stating “there was no evidence of normal fatty tissue in the abdomen or surrounding organs such as the kidneys.”  "Brugler also found nothing besides a dark watery fluid in the dog’s stomach and mouth, suggesting the animal only ate mud and dirt before its death"

A pit bull's worst nightmare is sometimes its owner.  Why isn't mandatory neuter and spay for pit bulls to prevent this kind of suffering acceptable to breed specific advocates?

                                                         * * *

Middletown Ohio
A pit bull was shot by police who were serving a drug search warrant in response to neighborhood complaints of drug activity and prostitution.  Per WHIO News "The Middletown Division of Police’s drug unit, detectives and patrol officers made entry to a house at 1813 Manchester and were met by four dogs that appeared to be pit bulls, according Lt. Scott Reeve.“When officers were executing the search warrant, the entire pack of pit bulls came toward the officers. An officer shot one of the dogs in the snout. All the dogs were taken but will be returned to the owner,” Reeve said.The dog was seized by Butler County’s deputy dog warden and was taken to a Middletown veterinarian for treatment. Officers kept the other three dogs at bay with a fire extinguisher, Reeve said."
Kim King, age 42, was arrested for permitting drug abuse (crack) told officers that the pit bull that had been shot had become "more aggressive" recently.  She requested a veterinarian to euthanize the dog. She did so in a spirit of public safety. *eye roll*

During searches at King's residence and another residence nearby police found heroin and crack cocaine.  Arrests were made at both residences.  At the second  residence a 17 year old was arrested for possession of crack cocaine and also arrested was Sara Landers, age 24, for two counts of child endangerment and permitting drug abuse. Her children, an infant and a two year old are in the care of family members.  The home was described by police as "dog feces filled" and unsuitable for children. For a video report please click here, warning, graphic images.

                                                                      * * *

Cleveland Ohio

A 63 year old Cleveland man, Willie Powell, was sentenced to 6 months in jail for abuse and neglect of four pit bulls found confined in feces filled crates in his home.  One of his pit bulls was euthanized for aggression, two were adopted, and the fourth was transferred to a rescue for "behavioral training."

Powell was also sentenced to 5 years probation and is not to own dogs during that time.   Powell has a prior conviction for dog fighting.  Sometimes a pit bull's worst nightmare is his owner.  Cleveland residents are urged to note any new pit bulls in the neighborhood that might have recently graduated from "behavioral training."

                                                                  * * *

Hamilton Ohio
A 63 year old Hamilton woman was attacked by a pit bull while taking her daily walk.  The victim required treatment at a local hospital for two bites in her thigh.  The breed of dog was identified by dog warden Kurt Merbs. Per Whio News "Merbs said the dog in question was a pit bull.
“Oh yes, there’s no doubt,” Merbs said of the breed of the dog."

The attack was described by the victim who stated that she was walking down the street when she saw a young man come out of a house with a pit bull "no collar, no leash."  She noted the breed but did not panic, she did try to simply walk around the dog.  "She said the man scooped the dog into his arms as she stepped off the sidewalk to go into the street, but the dog got out from the man’s arms, ran up behind her, and bit her from behind.“I screamed and tried to protect myself, and (the man) had to actually grab him, because he had a hold,” she said.She described the dog as a tan, full-grown, male pit bull. After pulling the dog off of her, the man put the dog back in the house, and told her it was not his dog."

The old "not my dog" routine, it never gets old.

Dog warden Merbs was called to the scene and approached the home where the pit bull lived.  He knocked on the door and a child answered asking "are my parents going to jail?" Merbs found a female pit bull in a crate in the backyard.

Police interviewed the victim at the hospital.  Pit bull owner Aaron Sapp was charged with two counts of failure to license a dog and one count of failure to confine a dangerous dog. 

Sapp apparently stays at two different addresses on the same street.  The story gets confusing. Merbs said that it took a while to locate Sapp, as the attack occurred outside of 724 S. Second St., where Sapp was reportedly staying.“The owner had taken the dog and moved him to the North End, and was staying there (at 724 S. Second St.) when the dog attacked,” he said.
Sapp was charged with two counts for failure to license a dog, as both Ace and a female pit bull were unlicensed. Merbs said he was called to South Tenth Street Thursday night around 10 p.m. to pick up the female pit bull, who was reported loose on the street.
“They said she was aggressive, but I was able to put a leash on her and bring her to the shelter,” Merbs said. He retrieved four pit bull puppies found at the South Second Street residence that will be reunited with their mother, as they are too young to be separated. Two additional puppies had died at the residence, he said.

Sapp will be allowed to keep his pit bull if he complies with restrictions, he must have Ace neutered, microchipped, put up Dangerous Dog signs, keep Ace in a locked enclosure, and register the dog as a dangerous dog purchasing a $50 dangerous dog tag.  Given Sapp's history of failure to register and confine his dogs it is not looking good for compliance here.  This is not Ace's first attack.  Merbs stated that he had been called to Sapp's residence two years ago when Ace attacked another woman, this one walking a dog at the time.  It is reported that Sapp was charged for that attack as well.

And Sapp gets the damn dog back again?????

Hamilton Ohio

In a separate incident in the very same article two assistant dog wardens and two police officers chased a loose pit bull in the Twinbrook Drive area.  Per Whio News "The pit bull they were pursuing had “ripped the ear off a black Labrador two weeks before and was running loose again,” Merbs said.

Police were able to catch that pit bull and take it to a local shelter.  

It is notable that dog warden Merbs had difficulty identifying the pit bull that killed Cindy Whisman just a few days earlier even though the pit bull belonged to the family and was clearly identified by the owner as a pit bull. Merbs had no trouble identifying these dogs, professional education or realization that denial of the breed puts the public at risk?  Who knows?

                                                                  * * *

Miami Valley Hospital (WDTN Photo)

This is our first mention of Dayton in this Pit Bull Roundup.  Martin Richardson, age 53, was treated for a dog bite to his left forearm.  Police were called to interview Richardson as he was being treated at Miami Valley Hospital.  Per WDTN News "  Richardson told police he was walking through the parking lot of Target Ministries located at Xenia Avenue and Keowee Street when two dogs attacked him. He said one of the dogs bit him in the left forearm. Richardson said the dog latched on to his arm and shook its head from side to side.
Richardson punched the dog in the nose several times and was able to break free and get away."  
Per the police report Richardson described the attacking dogs as pit bulls, the one that attacked him was "white with black on the tip of its tail and a big head."  Police were unable to locate the pit bulls. 

                                                                   * * * 

Dayton police pulled over a driver on I 75 for a routine traffic stop.  Warrants for the driver's arrest were discovered.  While officers were taking the driver into custody a pit bull jumped through an open window of the car.  Per WHIO News " The dog went out onto the interstate and then charged at the officer, who fired once from his service revolver.The shooting occurred before a crew from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center arrived. The dog died, apparently while with the ARC crew.

Mark Kumpf does not need any more aggressive pit bulls at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

Montgomery County ARC

                                                                * * *

Columbus Ohio

Per WBNS News "Police say two people were walking in the area when the dogs came out of nowhere and started to attack. One of the victims was bitten and tried to run. The other victim was also bitten and jumped up on a car to avoid the dogs.
A witness says he was able to get one of the victims off the car and onto a porch to safety." “We was coming out to leave to go to United Dairy Farmer and there’s a guy running and he jumped on a car screaming ‘Help Me!” said witness Sarah Morris. “He had like a gash wound on the back of his leg - like a hunk missing out of it.” The victim called 911. “I just got bit by some pit bulls. Right now, I’m (expletive) up. I’m bleeding bad.”
Animal Control and police were called and they were quickly able to locate the dogs.  Reaves freely admitted that her dogs has gotten of their chains and escaped the yard.  She excused the female pit bull with "she just had puppies" and she feel that the male was just "being protective."  
Female pit bull owned by Olivia Reaves.
Reaves unwisely stated "“If the boy dog, if he feels threatened, he will bite. He is a biter. I won’t tell anybody that he’s not a biter,” 
Neighbors have been concerned about the dogs for some time because of the numbers of children and elderly people in the neighborhood.  The dogs were seized, they were not vaccinated or registered as required by law.
Don't miss the video with this story.  Look at the fence...
More video, don't miss the pit bull owner showing off one of the 10 puppies of her two adult maulers.

                                                                * * *

DAYTON Ohio    

This is interesting.  Montgomery County Animal Control has become involved in a dangerous dog controversy not involving a pit bull but Jack Russell Terrier instead.

Here is the story.  A family was enjoying their vacation at a Brookville campground .  Their one year old daughter was bitten on the face by the Jack Russell.  The dog owner signed over the dog to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.  The dog owner apparently had second thoughts about this and picketed Montgomery County ARC stating she had been misled about the severity of the little girl's injury however she also stated that the dog has a history of biting.   The campground spokesperson said that the dog had bitten another person and also attacked another dog.  Clearly there is a problem with this dog.  Per WDTN News "  The family says in their statement through an attorney. "The dog is clearly dangerous and capable of attacking children without provocation. The family of the victim hopes the dog remains quarantined and trusts that the MCARC has the best interests of the public in mind when it determines an appropriate disposition for the dog.”
The dog remains at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center pending a resolution.
Jack Russell terrier accused of biting 1-year-old girl. (Photo/Teresa Hall)
The JRT in question. 
Heaven only knows what Montgomery County ARC will do with a vicious JRT.  Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has a dubious record on considering the best interests of the public.
Here is an update on this story.  Per WHIO News, the Montgomery County ARC declared the dog vicious  10/2/2014.  According to a statement from Montgomery County ARC a judge ruled the previous day that the dog could be returned to the owner.  Per WHIO ""While we are disappointed with the judge's ruling, we are abiding by it, but in the interest of public safety, we felt it was our duty to declare this dog as vicious," said Animal Resource Center Director Mark Kumpf in a statement."
 The JRT is reportedly still being held at Montgomery County ARC .  The owner must pay back board on the dog and purchase a dangerous dog tag.  It should be noted that this is the first statement to come from County Dog Warden Kumpf in quite some time.  He may be feeling a bit more secure about his job since the County Commissioners and the prosecutor are standing behind him. 

The family of Jonathan Quarles Jr. probably wishes Mr. Kumpf  had been as interested in public safety when dealing with the pit bull that killed their seven month old baby in Dayton earlier this year.  That pit bull had menaced a mailman and attacked another dog on a public street to prior killing seven month old Jonathan.                         

                                                                             * * *
9/4/2014                                                                                                                                     Cleveland Ohio    
A Cleveland man was attacked by three dogs, two pit bulls and a mixed breed.  Friends saw the attack and came to his rescue, they were bitten as well.  Michael McGuire was treated at Fairview Hospital receiving 32 stitches.  One of his friends also required medical treatment at the hospital.
Cleveland Animal Control was unable to locate the dogs.  This is a family neighborhood. "News of the attack quickly spread throughout the neighborhood, leaving some people concerned.  "We have a lot of little kids on the street. Running up and down, riding bikes," said Jerry Noel, who has lived in the neighborhood for 38 years. "It concerns me."  Marvin Thorne has also lived in the neighborhood and says his grandchildren were out playing in the moments after the attack."
                                                               * * *
9/7/2014                                                                                                                                             Middletown Ohio
In an attack that no one will ever hear about, two German Shepherds attacked a poodle. Police tasered one of the German Shepherds in an effort to immobilize it but were forced to fatally shoot the dog.  The other German Shepherd was taken by Butler County Dog Warden.  A police department spokesperson stated "the dogs were just being dogs, the officers had to make a choice and put the dog down."    There was no report on the condition of the poodle.  
                                                                       * * *
9/8/2014                                                                                                                                     DAYTON Ohio
A Dayton man reported to police that "someone replaced the water" in his one year old pit bull's water bowl with antifreeze.   Gene Mitchem is treating his dog with milk and crackers per veterinarian advice.  The dog is recovering.  Mitchem states that he has no idea who would try to poison his dog.  There is no mention that police saw the tampered water bowl.  Commenters quickly blamed pro BSL "fanatics"with absolutely no reason or evidence.   There have been no charges.
                                                                * * *

There is so much more to cover that this post will be divided into two parts.  Please look for part 2 in the next few days.  We all need a break here.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

The sentence is 15 years to life. Own the breed? Own the deed.

Last August California pit bull owner Alex Jackson was convicted of second degree murder in the 2013 mauling death of Pamela Devitt.  The jury took less than a day to reach that verdict. Jackson was sentenced today, 15 years to life.  He has been in jail since Mrs. Devitt's horrific death.

Jackson was also convicted of three drug related charges, he grew marijuana, sold it and possessed it.
abc alex jackson mi 130531 wblog Man Slapped with Second Degree Murder Charge in Fatal Pit Bull Mauling

Alex Jackson, dressed in orange, as he will be for at least the next fifteen years.

Klonda Richey's death will bring no charges other than failure to control.  For more information please click here, and here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dayton corruption, incompetence, and lies.

Here are some additional thoughts on the failure of the Montgomery County Prosecutor to bring meaningful charges against Andrew Nason and Julie Custer, owners of the dogs that mauled Klonda Richey to death last February.  Some thoughts on the Dayton pit bull mauling death of seven month old Jonathan Quarles Jr in July as well.  For additional information on the function of the prosecutor in grand jury proceedings please click here.

This is a quote from ABC22 on the reason for failing to indict  "On Thursday, a grand jury declined to indict Nason or Custer on involuntary manslaughter and reckless homicide charges. Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck Jr. said there wasn't enough evidence or any witness testimony to support indictments."

This statement is a stunner.  Not enough evidence or witness testimony....  I'm going out  on a limb here because I don't have actual statistics but I strongly suspect that in most cases there are no witnesses to testify in homicide cases.  It just seems to make sense to avoid having witnesses. Having said that, there has been absolutely zero confusion on how Ms. Ritchey died.  Every news source, and the Prosecutor's report (link below) clearly state that she was killed by Nason and Custer's dogs.

I think most homicides are solved by police work, work that was fairly easy in this case.  Police were called by neighbors who stated that there was a naked body on the ground and the dogs were near the body.  When police arrived the dogs were so aggressive toward them that the dogs had to be shot . Police have a technical term for this, it is called a ** clue **.  There was never any question about who owned the dogs shot by police.  Another ** clue **.  News reports quickly found a great number of complaints by the victim about these very dogs, in fact Richey made 13 complaints to Montgomery County Animal Control, headed by dog warden Mark Kumpf and she made 46 calls to the Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center between December 2011 and the time of her death.  More  ** clues **.  To view Montgomery County Animal Resource Center's records of Richey's actual complaints click here. Another ** clue **.  Ms. Richey also took her concerns to the Montgomery county courts asking for a civil protection order against her neighbor Andrew Nason.  You can watch 43 minutes of videotaped testimony by clicking here.   A ** clue **.  Ms. Richey was so concerned about the threats from her neighbors that she had video surveillance cameras installed and showed the court video of Nason menacing her with his dogs.  You can view some of the surveillance video by clicking here.  Another ** clue **.  Ms. Richey's request for a protection order was denied, Magistrate Kristy Wuebben was "unavailable" for comment. Figures.

Quick review, Ms. Richey took her concerns to Animal Control, the Montgomery County courts, and to the Dayton police.  She provided actual video to back up her complaints and was ignored.  In addition to the surveillance cameras Richey had a fence put up for protection from Nason, Custer, and their dogs.  Here is a photo of the fence, one does not put up this kind of double walled enclosure for no reason.  Hint, this may be another ** clue **.  The dogs that she was afraid would kill her did, in fact, kill her.
 A cat lover, fences were built to protect the pets at Klonda Richey’s home, 31 E. Bruce Avenue in Dayton where she was mauled to death by a neighbor’s pit bull dogs after nine previous complaints filed about the two dogs who fatally attacked her. JIM WITMER / STAFF 

Montgomery County Prosecutor Heck could not make a case with all of this?  What?????
The actual report generated by Prosecutor Heck can be seen on his Facebook page. Click here.

Prosecutor Heck stated that the death of Klonda Richey was a "tragic accident."  These are the same words used by Dog Warden Mark Kumpf to describe Richey's death.  Per WHIO News, Heck makes reference to changes in the law which will be discussed below "It  is my hope that further review for possible charges under the city of Dayton ordinances along with possibly amending some laws, and enhanced training will make a difference and help to avoid another such tragic accident."    Here is Kumpf's statement.
Per WDTN News "Montgomery County Animal Control Director Mark Kumpf said the mauling death of Klonda Richey could not have been prevented.
“This is a tragic accident and there is nothing foreseeable or doable to prevent a situation like this from happening,” said Kumpf.  Numerous warnings were left for the dog owners at 35 East Bruce Avenue, but no action was taken. Kumpf says a warning is simply a notice that an officer responded to a complaint. There’s really no follow-up after that unless the owner calls the Animal Resource Center to find out more.  “Whether we respond to one complaint or 13 complaints or any other number of complaints, unless we find a violation when we arrive that has enforceable component to it, it’s simply a call.”

For a link to suggestions for actions that might have been used by Mark Kumpf to protect Klonda Rickey Please click here.  

Montgomery County officials have a strong interest in protecting the county from any lawsuit that might propose county legal and financial responsibility for Mrs. Richey's death.  If her death is prosecuted as a crime then the likelihood of Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf being called to testify becomes very real.  The failure of Kumpf to protect Richey after thirteen complaints to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center and 46 calls to Montgomery County Regional Dispatch Center about the dogs is damning to Kumpf and to the county as well.  It is notable that there were also complaints against the Dayton pit bull that killed seven month old Jonathan Quarles July.  Prior to killing Jonathan the pit bull also charged a mailman in April and attacked a Beagle in June. This quote from WLWT News " WLWT tried getting answers from the Animal Resource Center in Montgomery County as to why this dog was never taken away, but calls were not returned."  

This statement from the owner of the Beagle “I think they should’ve taken the dog a lot sooner,” Crickmore says. “I think it’s a real tragedy that it took the death of an innocent baby to take the dog away.”
Just days before the attack, the Crickmore’s say the case of the first attack was to be settled. It was a settlement they say would include forcing the owner to get rid of the dog. But instead a motion was filed to push the case’s second pretrial back to August."
It is in Montgomery County's best interests to call these predictable deaths "accidents" and the Prosecutor is on board with this.  I can find no specific information on how the Montgomery County Prosecutor is chosen.  Elected or appointed by County Commissioners?  Here is a link to information on Prosecutor Heck.  Here is his mission statement.  "Our mission is to protect the rights, property, and well being of citizens of Montgomery County Ohio through effective and efficient prosecution of criminal offenders and accurate and timely legal advice and counsel to county and township officials. Whether you are a victim, a witness, a taxpayer, a voter, or an interested citizen, I would like to assure you that my staff and I are at your service."  Below that statement is a link to an ironically titled program called "Help Victims Become Survivors."  Klonda Richey and Jonathan Quarles Jr. did not get the chance to participate.

The Montgomery County County Commissioners stand behind Kumpf.  To do otherwise would open the door to lawsuits from the Richey and Quarles families.  In the case of the Quarles family the financial liability to the county would be tremendous.  Kumpf failed in his responsibilities in the death of Klonda Richey but did not improve the processes in his department allowing a known dangerous dog to remain in the home of a known irresponsible owner, sadly, also a family member of the seven month old victim.   Kumpf continues to be employed as County Dog Warden although his public appearances and statements have become few and far between.  Sources inside the community tell me that is a strong sentiment that Kumpf should be fired but Montgomery County Commissioners bumble along blindly, unaware that the death of Klonda Richey has the attention of the world.

Prosecutor Heck makes reference to efforts already underway to modify the mess created by the passage of HB 14 without acknowledging that the changes he and Commissioner Foley "propose" are from a bill introduced into the Ohio House by Representatives Winburn and Blair, HB 541 in the legislative session already ended.  The bill is expected to be reintroduced in the new session with a new bill number.

In a quote apparently from the joint statement from Prosecutor Heck and County Commissioner Dan Foley ""There was no evidence that the dogs had ever bitten or attacked another animal or human. The dogs were never designated as nuisance, dangerous or vicious dogs prior to the incident. After consideration of all the testimony and evidence, the grand jury did not issue a homicide or felony indictment in this case,"

It should be noted that Dog Warden Kumpf would have the responsibility to declare the dogs dangerous but did not do so.

As a final insult to Klonda Richey, the lawyer for Andrew Nason has stated that he intends to fight the trivial failure to control charges against his client.  Given the excuse made by the Prosecutor that there were no witnesses to Richey's death lawyer Jay Adams is claiming that, and this is victim blaming to the highest level, that Klonda Richey trespassed onto her neighbor's property and let the dogs out herself.  PLEASE watch the video of this lawyer.

Klonda Richey was failed by the courts, by the Montgomery County Animal Control department, by the Dayton police, by the Montgomery County Prosecutor.  She died exactly as she feared that she would.  Her testimony from the grave via videotape is eerie.  Failure to revise processes after her death allowed another fatality, a seven month old baby.  The stench of cover up in Dayton reeks.

Klonda Richey killed by two dogs on E. Bruce Avenue in Dayton.  (Photo/provided)
Klonda Richey

A short post script to this opinion laden piece.
David Glass Sr. of Benton County Ms. was mauled by pit bulls on Saturday.  On Monday the owner of those dogs was charged with culpable negligent manslaughter.

The Riverside Fl. owner of the dog that killed five year old John Harvard  has been charged with criminally negligent homicide.

The Metamora Township Michigan owners of the dogs that killed Craig Sytsma have been charged with second degree murder.

The owners of the dog that killed Javon Dade in Miami-Dade Florida have been charged with manslaughter. Notable here is that the owner of the dog is the father of Javon Dade and the death of little Javon was unwitnessed.

The owner of the dogs that killed Pamela Devitt in Antelope Valley California last year was convicted of second degree murder.

Klonda Richey was forgotten by the system in Dayton as soon as the melting snow erased the blood.
Deadly dog attack: Klonda Richey's body was found torn to shreds on the snow-covered sidewalk outside her Ohio home on Friday

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Newsflash, in Ohio you can commit murder via vicious dog and get away with it, but not in Michigan.

It has been announced that the Grand Jury in Dayton Ohio has refused to indict Andrew Nason and Julie Custer for involuntary manslaughter or reckless homicide in the mauling death of Klonda Richey last February.  Nason and Custer owned the two dogs responsible for the fatal mauling. Historical note - there were dozens of complaints made by Ms. Richey to Animal Control and to the Dayton police with no meaningful action taken by the Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf.  Sternly worded post-it notes left on Nason and Custer's door had little impact on their behavior.  Ms. Richey also predicted that the dogs would kill her.  She asked the courts for a  protection order and this was refused as well.  Not surprising considering that this is Dayton Ohio we are talking about.

In other news, Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf is still employed by Montgomery County despite two mauling deaths in Dayton in roughly six months this year.  In both cases there were multiple complaints about the dogs prior to the fatal attacks but no meaningful action was taken.

In reassuring news, the Dayton prosecutor is "working with the city of Dayton prosecutor to consider possible misdemeanor charges against Nason and Custer"


Across the state line in Michigan the owners of the two Cane Corsos that mauled jogger Craig Sytsma were quickly charged with murder.

For more information click here.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The verdict is second degree murder.

Alex Donald Jackson of Antelope Valley California has been convicted of second degree murder in the death of Pamela Devitt on May 9, 2013.  Mrs. Devitt had been out for a simple walk when she was attacked by four of Jackson's pit bulls.  The coroner's report documented 200 bites to Mrs. Devitt's body with some so deep that bone was exposed.  The cause of death was blood loss.

Antelope Valley is a place where parents do not allow their children to play outside due to the danger of stray dogs.  Many residents report being cornered by dangerous dogs and many residents have  taken to carrying sticks, rocks, or guns for protection.  Mr. Jackson's dogs were some of the worst with seven documented attacks, some on horses being ridden by neighbors.  The dogs jumped fences to menace neighbors and they made it impossible for mail carriers to deliver Mr. Jackson's mail and even chased the mail truck for half a mile.

Jackson's brother, Vincent Jackson, stated that Alex had "accepted some responsibility" in the case and even wrote a letter to the victim's husband but that letter was never sent.   Possibly because the postal carrier was unable to reach Jackson's mailbox to pick it up.  Vincent Jackson went on to say per KTVU Vincent Jackson thinks the murder charge is a knee-jerk reaction to the community's disdain for pit bulls.
"It feels like they're trying to make an example of him," Vincent Jackson said about his brother.
Defense attorney Al Kim echoed that sentiment, saying his client was taking the brunt of the rural area's growing frustration over abandoned animals.
"At some point, something needs to be done about these stray dogs, and I think an unfair amount of responsibility is being directed at my client," Kim said before the verdict was returned. "Does that mean he's a murderer? Absolutely not."
  Knee jerk reaction to the community's disdain for pit bulls?  A woman died, bled to death in the dirt, killed by dogs that Jackson absolutely knew were vicious.  The pit bulls had SEVEN prior "altercations" in the previous 18 months.  The man's mail was not being delivered because the postal worker could not get to the house.  
"Unfair amount of responsibility"?  A woman is dead and the pit bulls that killed her belonged to Jackson.  Sounds like his responsibility to me.  Jackson could get 24 years to life in prison.  This is not too much but rather too little.  Pit bull owners must accept the responsibility for their dogs.  
It is interesting to note that when police arrived at Jackson's home to investigate the mauling they found a marijuana grow farm and Jackson was also charged with cultivation of marijuana and possession and sale of a controlled substance.  An all around upstanding citizen.  
Alex Donald Jackson was found guilty Friday of second-degree murder in a fatal pit bull mauling. (credit: LA County Sheriff's Dept.)
Alex Jackson, orange is the new black.

For more information on this case please click here.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Death and Excuses. God help us. 8/16/2014

Vicious dogs have been busy since the last Death and Excuses post.  Get comfy, this is a long post.

pit-bull mauled
Rita Pepe, age 93, of Branford CT was attacked by a pit bull owned by a family friend on April 13th.  Mrs. Pepe was out for a walk when she was attacked. She died of complications of her injuries on May 25th.  Per the New Haven Register " The April 13 police report states that after Booker’s owner, Matthew Radulski, took the dog for a walk, he walked back inside his house. He reportedly told police that once he took the leash off of Booker the dog ran out the back door. Police state that Radulski ran after the dog and discovered a group of people standing at the corner of Harbor Street and McKinnel Court, just steps from his house. The group was yelling for help and Radulski told police he saw Booker circling Rita Pepe. Radulski added that he was forced to strike Booker over the head numerous times with a rock in order to get him away from Pepe.

Booker's owner, and a family friend of Rita Pepe told reporters that he was devastated but"it's just one of those freak things."

 Booker had been adopted from the town's Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter last September. Laura Burban, Shelter Director would not comment when asked if Booker had been euthanized.  The original listing for Booker stated "he is a friendly dog who loves to play."  Shelter staff stated he "never expressed a propensity for violence and underwent extensive evaluations conducted by staff and trainers."  Booker was returned to the shelter after the attack.
branford animal shelter adopts out attacking pit bull
Rita Pepe

Laura Burban, Director of the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter is on record with this victim blaming statement  "One of the hardest things to do is to rehabilitate a vicious animal," says Laura, who was once attacked by a pit bull. "It's hard to find trainers, facilities; people who'll adopt. It's easier to euthanize…than sit at a computer for five hours and find a place for that pit bull with an attitude. But it can be done and then other shelters will see they can do it, too."

Ms. Burban described the attack on Pepe in this quote from the Branford Eagle "Burban, who is well-trained in dog behavior, said the dog “was focused on that woman. And later I found out she was walking with a cane. I wonder if he felt threatened because of the cane, that the cane was a threat and he went after the cane.  I just don’t know what was going through his head.”
As for the 911 calls describing the dog as biting other people, she said the dog was lunging after the two men who intervened to save the woman’s life. The rescuers fended off the dog. Booker did not bite them though it may have appeared that way to witnesses.   
One more outrageous quote from Shelter Director Burban " One of the sons with whom we spoke said: “I don’t know what triggered the dog to act. With that breed anything is possible.”
Burban disagreed.
“Everyone is focusing on his breed. This was a dog issue, not a breed issue,” Burban said. “This was specifically his issue. What people don’t recognize is that there are golden retrievers and yellow labs that bite every day and don’t get this kind of media attention,” she said.
“Do they do the same damage? If you looked up some of the stories you would see that golden retrievers have killed children and done all kinds of other terrible things. But we never hear about it.”
Here is a link to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Center's mission statement.  It begins with the words "to protect the public" but it appears that the safety of the public is not Mrs. Burban's concern.   What did Burban do with Booker?  Why is Burban making public policy decisions given her personal commitment to saving  known dangerous dogs, in this case a dog that has killed a human?

pit bull named Booker
This is Booker, if you see this dog call your local police.

                                                                 * * *

Springfield Twp Michigan

Holden William Garrison, age two and a half months, was attacked by a family dog.  Holden was transported to a local hospital and airlifted to William Beaumont Hospital where he died.

At the time of the attack Holden was being held by an 18 year old uncle who was sitting on a couch.  The dog, identified as a Catahoula Cattle Hound, jumped on the couch and was pushed off.  The dog jumped back onto the couch and attacked the infant's head and neck.  Interestingly, the dog's name was "Precious."  It appears that Precious has been euthanized.

William Garrision

                                                                      * * *

Dayton Ohio

Infant’s dog-mauling death ruled accident photo

Jonathan Quarles Jr., age seven months,  was killed by his step grandmother's pit bull.  For more information please see this post. The dog had a recent history of  attack.  On April 25th Montgomery County Animal Resource Center employees responded to a complaint that a postal service employee had been attacked by the dog.  "“…A large dog came from around the right side of the house and charged the letter carrier,” USPS spokesman David Van Allen said in an email. “The dog tried to bite the carrier’s leg, but the carrier was able to get his mail satchel between his leg and the dog, preventing being bitten.”

Kimico Hardy, the owner of the pit bull was cited for failing to have a license and was given education. Hardy bought a license for her dog 5 days later. It appears that the "education" given to Hardy did not change much.  On June 3rd neighbor Isabell Crickmore was walking her Beagle past Hardy's house when the pit bull ran out of the house and attacked the Beagle.  Crickmore's dog required eleven staples to his leg.  Hardy did not pay the vet bill.  Mrs Crickmore stated of the attack that killed Jonathan Quarles Jr. “It could’ve all been avoided,”  “Something needs to be done. That dog definitely needs to go for sure now.”

Woman claims dog that killed baby attacked her beagle gallery
Isabelle Crickmore, complained that the same dog attacked her Beagle.

Mrs. Crickmore is correct.  HB 14, the law that sold to the Ohio Legislature as "finally giving dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs" should have triggered action after the first attack, and again after the second attack.  Even after two documented attacks Hardy's dog had never been designated as dangerous by County Dog Warden  Mark Kumpf, a huge supporter of HB 14.  "It could have been avoided."

pit bull kills baby in Dayton
Two previous attacks by this pit bull did not trigger action by Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf.  The third attack killed a baby.

Homicide detectives are working the case.
Infant’s dog-mauling death ruled accident photo

Historical note, no charges have ever been brought in the Dayton Ohio mauling death of Klonda Richey, killed by her neighbor's dogs in February.  Richey had dozens of complaints against the dogs.

                                                           * * *

Riverview Florida

Logan Shepard, 4, died after being attacked by the two dogs Saturday in Riverview. The dogs were surrendered to authorities by the boy’s uncle, Billy Frederick Sr., and were euthanized.

Four year old Logan Sheppard was killed by two pit bulls owned by his aunt and uncle.  Logan and his mother Stephanie Grouix, had walked to the home of sister.  Logan was given a bowl of ice cream while the adults went into another room to smoke pot.  A fifteen year old relative was in charge of babysitting.  The pit bulls were reportedly put into a pen in the yard.  Neighbors doubt this, they report that the dogs were frequently loose on the fenced property.  When the adults heard Logan scream they realized that he was no longer in the house.  Logan's screams also drew the attention of police, nearby conducting a traffic stop.  When police arrived the pit bulls were standing over Logan's body.  Logan was dead at the scene.

Logan's family also owned pit bulls, his father had three pits.  His mother identified herself on her Facebook page as a proud pit bull owner.  The death was ruled an accident, there will be no charges. The Lexus Project was unable to file papers in time to save these dogs, the dogs were put down.

It’s not known how Logan Shepard, 4, came into direct contact with the pit bulls.
Logan Sheppard
                                                                           * * *

Metamora MI

cane corsos kill jogger in metamora

Forty six year old Craig Sytsma, father and grandfather,  was attacked by two Cane Corsos with previous bite histories as he was jogging.  A neighbor who was cutting his grass told police he waved to Sytsma as he jogged by and on his next pass with the mower he saw Sytsma in a ditch being mauled by the dogs.  Police were called to the area for a complaint of gunshots fired but found that a neighbor had fired a gun to scare the dogs off their victim.  Craig Sytsma's last words per the first responder giving CPR were "I'm bleeding out, I'm dying."  Sytsma was transported to a local hospital but did not survive.   The dogs were taken to Lapeer County Animal Control.  Per the Detroit Free Press "One of two dogs that fatally mauled a Livonia man this week as he jogged along a road in southern Lapeer County had been involved in at least one prior attack, according to a woman who said she sued the owners after being bitten two years ago"  ".She said she filed a lawsuit against the owners, which has been settled. She said the owners have no fence around their house, which was one of the stipulations in the lawsuit."
cane corsos kill jogger in metamoracane corsos kill jogger in metamora

Valbona Lucaj, left, and Sebastiano Quagliata are charged with second-degree murder in 71A District Court in Lapeer on Friday, August 1, 2014.
Valbonica Lucaj in court.                                                              Sebastiano Quagliata in court.

The story becomes more complicated.  The owners of the Cane Corsos, a married couple, she from Albania, he from Italy, both were in the country illegally.  Valbona Lucaj paid an immigration official a $3000 bribe for granting her asylum, her husband arrived in this country as a tourist and simply never left.  Deportation proceedings against the couple  have been underway since 2005.   Apparently the previous attacks have largely been ignored by local officials.  Per the Detroit Free Press "In the two years leading up to when their dogs mauled to death a jogger, a Metamora couple faced little legal consequences as their dogs attacked and bit walkers and terrorized the neighborhood, according to records obtained by the Free Press.  Indeed, when Valbona Lucaj, 44, and Sebastiano Quagliata, 45, were issued two civil infraction tickets in 2013 after their dogs charged an older man and bit him in the leg, they didn’t show up for court. Ultimately, they paid $280 in fines, and the case was closed.  A Free Press review of police, court and animal control records, along with interviews of neighbors, found authorities took little action in the face of a growing menace."
Craig Sytsma
Craig Sytsma

The couple has been charged with second degree murder.  A total of three adult Cane Corsos owned by Lucaj and her husband have been euthanized.  Eight puppies of the same breed were taken from the property but will not be euthanized.  They are expected to be transported to a Cane Corso Rescue in Texas.  The offspring of dogs so vicious that they were implicated in multiple attacks and a fatal mauling, what could go wrong?  Per MichiganLive "Investigators sought out several prior people who purchased puppies from the couple and succeeded in talking with several.
One man said he purchased a dog roughly seven weeks before the incident and, according to police reports, Quagliata made several statements to him including:
  • "Quagliata would not refer to himself as a breeder but stated that he (had) been doing this for 10 years."
  • "Quagliata stated that these were aggressive dogs and he raised them to be very aggressive."
  • After an inquiry to see the parents of the puppies, "Quagliata declined the request stating that nobody can get close to them. Quatliata made reference that if anyone gets on his property, they don't leave."
Texas really needs these puppies.

Animal Control is paid to protect the safety of the public.  Incompetence, or reluctance to do the actual job led to the death of this good man.

                                                                          * * *

Madison Twp Ohio

Dog attack in Madison Twp, Butler County. (Photo/WLWT)

Cindy Whisman, age 59, was killed in her own back yard by her adult daughter's pit bull.  Mrs. Whisman was babysitting for her daughter's child at the time of her death.  Neighbors witnessed the attack, one came to her aid brandishing a walking stick to beat the dog back but Whisman was dead at the scene.  For more information on this attack please click here.

Southwest Ohio, fatal pit bull attack, cindy whisman
Pit bull owner Julie Whisman, daughter of the deceased.   Julie had second thoughts about signing off on the euthanization of her pit bull.  Thankfully common sense prevailed.  Polo was euthanized 8/7/2014.  

Historical note, this is the ninth dog mauling fatality in the state of Ohio since the passage of HB 14 in 2012. In the previous 25 years Ohio had six fatal dog attacks.  HB 14 was sold to the Ohio Legislature as the way to "finally give dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs."  Epic fail.

                                                                * * *

Fanning Springs Florida

Joel Chirieleison, age six, was killed by two pit bulls owned by his aunt.  The child was staying at the home of his aunt, Heather Claar, along with his grandfather who lives in Ohio but was in Florida on vacation.

Joel had gone outside to play.  Claar's pit bulls had been let out in the yard and Claar was preparing to visit other family.  It was reported that Joel was out of his aunt's sight for 10 to 15 minutes.  Claar looked outside and saw Joel on the ground.  The child was dead at the scene.  A total of six dogs were removed from the property, the two pit bulls suspected of the attack, and four others found in pens on the property.   There were no witnesses to the attack.  Joel was not a stranger to the pit bulls and had been around them regularly. There have no reports of problems with any of the dogs.  For video please click here.

Aunts two pit bulls kill boy
Joel Chirieleison.

                                                                 * * *

St. Charles County MO

Deriah Solem, age 22 months, was attacked by the family pit bull on 8/7/2014, she died on 8/9/2014 at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center.  The 80 pound pit bull mix had no recorded bite history but the family stated that the dog had become aggressive.  The pit bull had been shut in a back bedroom while Deriah's grandmother fed her and her two brothers.  It is unclear how the pit bull got out of the bedroom or why it attacked the toddler.  Deriah was bitten in the face, neck, back, and abdomen.  The grandmother, while attempting to assist Deriah, was also injured, she lost the tips of two fingers on each hand.   The grandmother shouted to the boys, ages 5 and 8, to get out of the house in case the pit bull turned on them too.  The boys ran to the home of the next door neighbor, Jonathan Banta.  Banta stated "“I ran over to the house, and the dog was on top of the little girl, and her grandma had her hands around the dog’s neck trying to pry it off,” he said.
Banta had left his cellphone at home and said he was unable to use the grandmother’s because in her panic she couldn’t remember her password, so he ran back home and told his fiancee to call an ambulance.
“I grabbed a steak knife – that’s all I could find at the time — went back over there, and the dog still wouldn’t get off, so I stabbed it multiple times."  For video of an interview with Banta please click here.The 10 year old pit bull was euthanized per family request.

                                                                          * * *

Goulds Florida

Javon Jade Jr., age 4, was killed by a pit bull owned by his father.  Police were called to the home for a missing child report.  Javon's body was found in the fenced yard, his teddy bear was sound near the body.  Per CBSMiami " Neighbors told CBS4’s Gary Nelson that the boy was staying with his father, Javon Dade, Sr. in the home and the family had at least two dogs who they described as being very aggressive. They said when the family’s dogs were out in the yard they didn’t go near the fence.
“They always bark so we try to keep them away because they’re pit bulls,” neighbor Janet Howard said."

Goulds is located in Miami-Dade County and pit bulls are banned there.  Miami-Dade Animal Services went into breed misidentification overdrive naming the male dog a pit bull and five other dogs on the property as "terrier mixes," and later American Bulldog x Lab mixesTerrier x Boxer mixes.

The family had been living on the property for only a few months, the landlord stated that the dogs were on his property without his knowledge and when he became aware of the pit bulls last week they were ordered out within seven days.  After Javon's death the dogs were taken to the Miami-Dade Animal Services shelter where Dahlia Canes showed up to make a statement of defence for the pit bulls.
(Courtesy: Miami-Dade Animal Services)(Courtesy: Miami-Dade Animal Services)
Here are the dogs, they are all pit bulls.  Get real.  The male is a pit bull, two of the dogs are females and three are puppies.  You can't get American Bulldog x Lab mixes or Terrier x Boxer mixes from a cross that includes a pit bull as the sire.

Head pit bull advocate in Miami-Dade, Dahlia Canes had this to say "“It is not about the breed,” said Dahlia Canes, the director of the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation. “Every dog is an individual just like we are. They should evaluate them as individuals.”

We will talk about Ms. Canes statement a bit later.

Javon Dade Jr.

For video please click here.

                                                             * * *

We are going to take a short detour to get a bit more understanding of Canes statement about evaluating the dogs as individuals and not considering their breed, their DNA, their genetic heritage.

This is an Ohio blog and two of the fatalities in this post were in Ohio so we will start here.  A recent Newark Advocate article was written about the efforts of Andrea Langley, pit bull advocate, of Heath Ohio who has recently created a petition to the Licking County Commissioners  to "stop euthanizing every pit bull entering the Licking County Shelter after three days.  Allow them to be adopted.  Allow rescue organizations access to any pit bull."

Now there are some sticky spots in Mrs. Langley's request.  The Licking County Dog Warden, John Silva, stated that while state law mandates a 72 hour hold the shelter does not euthanize strays until five days have elapsed, the average is six days.  The shelter has a 91% live release rate and industry standard considers any shelter with a 90% live release to be "'no-kill."  In addition, pit bulls may be returned to their owners, puppies and young dogs are released to rescues.  Silva went on to say "However, we do not put pit bulls up for adoption.  The liability is obvious.  Since the department has no way of knowing the history and training of older pit bulls, they are not adopted out from the shelter.  News reports from across the state and nation still support the pit bull's reputation as often harming, mauling, or killing people."  "You go back to risk management.  We were founded for public safety."

How refreshing, a dog warden doing his job.  Silva provided a chart showing stats for 2013 and 2014 to date.  So far this year 14 pit bulls have been euthanized at the Licking County Shelter and 6 have been released to rescues.  These numbers do not appear to require hysteria or petitions. Licking County County Commissioners are reluctant to change a policy that serves to protect the residents of Licking County.

Langley is not persuaded  and this quote comes from the Newark Advocate  " Langley maintains that all dogs can have a tendency to bite and that the local shelter is unfairly targeting pit bulls.  "They're killing perfectly nice dogs.  If the state of Ohio can change its stance (on pit bulls), I would think that a dog pound would too."  Langley made no reference to the victims of pit bull attacks.

I wondered if Langley's omission of the recent deaths by pit bull attacks was unique to her viewpoint so I dug a little deeper.

Florida has two pit bull fatalities listed above.

Pit Bull Awareness of Florida  has a Facebook page.  Was there a discussion of what might be going wrong.  There have been seven pit bull fatalities in the United States since the end of May?  Why no, nothing mentioned.

Central Florida Pit Bull Rescue has a page.  Nothing here either.

Ohio has two pit bull fatalities listed above.

The Lucas County Pit Crew has a Facebook page.  Nothing here but endless listings for available pit bulls.

The Cincinnati Pit Crew  has a Facebook page.  Nothing here but more listings for available pit bulls and fundraising events.

Pit bulls for Reynoldsburg has a Facebook page.  Lots of complaints about Reynoldsburg City Council's recent vote to keep the breed ban but absolutely no mention of victims.  Interestingly, the father of a four year old girl killed by a pit bull earlier this year made a comment on this page recently.  His comment was deleted by the page administrator but a comment made in response to him was retained.

Animal Guardians for a Prosperous Parma  has a Facebook page.  This group also challenged a breed ban this year and lost.  More complaints about the failure of City Council to listen to their "facts" but no mention of the suffering of victims.

Surely advocates on the national level would be more introspective.  But no, here is a link to Ledy Vankavage, lawyer and registered lobbyist for Best Friends Animal Society rejoicing over her pit bull win in Delaware.   Here is her quote "Whoohooo! Yesterday was a great day for Delaware dogs and cats. Our Best Friends Animal Society bill to get rid of the stigma of "dangerous" was signed into law along with 3 other bills. Governor Jack Markell and his team rock!"

Delaware SB 425, signed into law 7/31/2014 now allows game bred, pit trained and tested pit bulls seized from dog fighting operations to be individually evaluated and placed with families as pets.  Will these pit bulls be microchipped?  Will the new owner know about the dog's breeding, training, and history?  Who will be financially responsible for these pit bulls?    Pit bull advocates seldom meet a pit bull that they do not feel can be rehabilitated.  The Huffington Post article on this bill fails to mention pit bull victims but does mention that Ms. Vankavage has her sights on Michigan for a similar bill.  Michigan has been swamped with pit bull attacks in recent months.  Vankavage calls these bills "common sense",  she said "Since the Michael Vick dogs, we've learned that every dog should be evaluated as an individual and deserves a chance to be loved."

Innocent children deserve the chance to be grow up loved, healthy, and whole.  Babysitting grandmothers, and jogging grandfathers deserve the chance to see these children grow up.

                                                                   * * *

This post is very long so we will only use a few of the classic comments.  No other breed requires this level of advocacy.  Has anyone ever seen comments like these made about Beagles?  Why would anyone think these comments were appropriate for news stories about the deaths of children and a grandmother? 

Rumor has it that Have_Some_Common_Sense is a new identity for Clay Hundenshire, he also uses Fast Eddie, and Snowbird, plus heaven knows how many others.  Clay sees a mauling death in breed ban area as a failure of the law.  No, it indicates that pit bull owners do not obey laws and it perfectly illustrates the wisdom of the law.  People die.   
A pit bull ban that isn't working or enforced, who would have thought that?

Here Clay reminds us of a 14 year old news story.   

A child has been killed by a Pomeranian, so your logic is seriously flawed.Dog are animals, dogs have teeth and shouldn't be left around children....any dog....any size.
Here is a link to a news story where Clay makes countless comments, I can't bear to read them all, he is out of control.

This IS the grandmother’s fault. I have 2 pits and I’ve never had a problem and yes, they are very gentle. But, Mr friends has a bunch of pits and she doesn’t socialize them. She too, keeps them locked in a room when people come over and this is so when someone who comes in the house, besides the owner, will indeed be attached. This IS that grandmother’s fault!
LOL Charly???
Youre right Christina evan though i dont own a pitbull i can see its just more media propaganda.better news if its a pitbull and did everyone forget the MIX part of this story wonder what else it was mixed with maybe on of the more loved killers lol
Connie Frey Spurlock · Works at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
XXXXXX, you're wrong. There's plenty of evidence in history to support the claim that the breed was once known as a nanny dog. Specifically created? By whom? A higher power? The Big Bang?

 I have no idea what this guy is thinking...
Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
XXXXXXX The child is not dead, much like the young boy who was killed earlier in Ferguson, so her being alive is a good thing, do not be upset that the child is hurt, because not all dogs are bad, if you train a dog to be bad, it will be, animals usually hold a vibration of pure positive energy, the only reason they hold something else is if it is not tuned to love and feels fear, other than that, this dog should not have had to return to Heaven so soon.

Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
XXXXXXXXX The child is more alive than you or I and why worry about someone who has never owned a pitbull?

Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
XXXXX Jesus needs no defense, nor to the people that have transitioned into the next dimension, both science and God can explain it, the only problem is you can't because your emotions cloud your judgement because your pissed at a God made animal provided with man made upbringing and upset that man's ways helped not only to contribute to the death of the child, but a black man, potentially left businesses messed up on West Florissant and also resulted in the dog being transitioned as well.

Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
XXXXXXXXX The question remains have any of your fearful pit people ever owned one?

Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
Todo was not murders, didn't you watch the wizard of oz?

Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
XXXX pick a side, animals do as nature instructs, people try to control, Release and let go, the child is with Mike Brown and Robin Williams and all of them are in Heaven, so why are you so pissed off? Release your idol.
Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
 Oh and by the way, they are terriers and if it wasn't for individuals like you who weren't nosey into other peoples business, no one would have to worry about insurance policies, your the type of person that would go have sex with th neighbors dog and husband and get mad when both of them would bite you.... call State Farm after that you mean old person you.
Joseph OnaMission Colvin ·  ·  Top Commenter · Volunteer at Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America
 Pitbulls being nice is not a myth, but give a chihuahua meth and I bet it will be 20 times worse, WAIT A MINUTE??? You give people meth and they will be twenty times worse, let's stir the pot with some pot and they should be cool.... have you ever seen the movieFriday After Next? Serious note, if you put anything in a human or animal that is not native its going to react funny, that includes drugs or lower based energies, like fear. Usually pitbulls are very sweet, they only become bad when you train them to be bad, period, much like any other animal.

I just can't deal with Joe's "thoughts" anymore, lets move on.

Charles Henderson · Francis Howell Central High School
David Schmitz did your mother not hug you enough has a child? Did your daddy touch you at night? Were you beaten like a red headed step child? Please explain to me your justification for being a complete uneducated ignorant prick.

Yes, I am a owner of one pure bred pit bull and one pit bull mix, both are completely well tempered and loving dogs. The only true danger from a pit bull is it's gas, those farts can clear a room about as fast as a canister of mustard gas.

The truth is, any breed can be vicious. Any breed can attack and kill. But it's ignorant assholes like you who are too fucking dumb to at the real problem. All you see is breed, not the owners, not the living conditions of the dog.

How about you grow the fuck up, pull your head out of your ass, and start acting your fucking age, not your IQ.
Andrew Bricker ·  Top Commenter · Owner at My own business
Just HAD to assume it was a pit bull, huh? Police said it was a "mixed breed". Have two pitties and they are the best breed on earth IMO. Ignoramuses like you perpetuate their baseless poor reputation.
Andrew Bricker ·  Top Commenter · Ownerat My own business
Ben Fine - couldn't agree more. Just an intolerant internet troll. People get real brave behind a keyboard. If a pit bull fatality is likely I don't think I'd mind Mr. XXXXXX becoming a "statistic" to support his case.
Valerie Paige Halford Omg...are we really going to sit here and judge Pits? Yes they are a bully breed dog..we have one BUT their tempermant comes from their blood lines and how they are raised. Did you know that Lassies dog breed is #1 to attack and kill children while The little Rascals dog was a Pit who never hurt anyone? If I saw a random Pit walking around I would avoid it but I do that with ANY dog. And @christian that's because Pits have the bully breed some research. Whenever a child on here gets attacked and killed by other dogs they leave the name of the breed out.

Kimberly Cebulak Denton Pit bull are formally know as nanny dogs. Any dog can and will attack. Stop blaming one breed!

Millions of breeds???
Courtney Beth Thompson Darrell Dugger is right, why would you see reports or news stories about chihuahuas or other small breed dogs attacking children? Because they would never get publicity THIS reaction. A pit bull is just that, one of the millions of breeds out there that are totally misunderstood and misconceived. The breed has absolutely nothing to do with their behavior, any animal can turn regardless of type because it's their nature. Raising it right lowers the risk sure, but if you're so concerned of your animal "snapping" then you shouldn't have an animal at all.

Destiney Hill Honestly its the grandmother fault not the dogs and not the childs, that dog was 10 years old and probably very set in his ways not uwe to children and probably had bad joint pain and the child who was more than likely unsupervised probably pulled on his tail or leg and set him off.

Meghan Hicks Pit bulls are actually one of the most loyal sweetest dogs there could b !!! All depends on how they r treated my daughter was a baby and she could pull bones out of my pits mouth and the dog knew better than to even flinch at her!!! Pit bulls are always getting a bad name for other people's stupidity like yeah lets lock my dog away from ppl and then all of a sudden it gets loose see stupidity is the reason y these tragic things happen sad a little baby had to b the victim of it

Kimberly Cebulak Denton My sister has two pits and they are sweet as can be and where raised right and they where very strick with them. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BREED BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO BASH THEM. AND MORE LIKELY THE CHILD PROBABLY BULLED ITS TAIL OR SOMETHING IT DIDNT LIKE!

Kimmie Sorden Clearly there is more to this story How dare KSDK put this up there with out stating the reason. Media outlets like you guys are the reasons why pit bulls get such a bad rap. There was a REASON this dog attacked. But know your stupid headline has to stay pit bull. Pitiful. Unlike your crappy reporting, Fox2now said it was a mixed breed. Ridiculous, shame on you guys.

Sue Bresler Here we go again!! People running their mouths about pit bulls and how dangerous they makes me sick!! You all listen to the media and believe their comments. Any type of dog could do this and Im sure that 95% of you that are bad mouthing the breed wouldnt know a true pit bull if it sat on your lap!!! So very sorry this happened but until you know for sure it was a pit STFU!!!