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Wrongful death lawsuit naming Montgomery County officials including Dog Warden Mark Kumpf, not shocking.

Deadly dog attack: Klonda Richey's body was found torn to shreds on the snow-covered sidewalk outside her Ohio home on Friday

No one was surprised at the news from Dayton Ohio on Friday.  A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by the estate of Klonda Richey against Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Commissioners, Montgomery County Dog Warden Mark Kumpf, and the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

Neighbors and friends of Klonda Richey gathered in front of her former home in Dayton on Friday night, Feb. 6, 2015, for a vigil to remember her. (Jim Witmer/Staff)

On the anniversary of Klonda Richey's death neighbors and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil, this vigil was unlike those held by pit bull advocates to publicize the fate of pit bulls humanely euthanized in Ohio shelters.  The February 6th vigil memorialized a woman well thought of in her community and loved by her friends and neighbors.  The vigil memorialized a woman brutally mauled to death by her neighbor's dogs, dogs that she complained of dozens of times to both the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center and to the Police.  Dogs that left Klonda Richey's body naked and bleeding in the snow in front of her own home.  The vigil memorialized a frightened woman who took her fears to the Montgomery County courts asking for a protection order but was refused that protection, a woman failed by the system in Dayton.

The death of Klonda Richey brought international attention to Dayton Ohio, and to the sad state of animal control in Montgomery County Ohio.   The story unfolded to reveal dozens of calls by the victim to Dayton police and to Montgomery County Animal Control, led by Mark Kumpf who is also the current president of the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association.  Kumpf's protocol called for nothing more than sternly worded post it notes affixed to the front door on Richey's next door neighbors and owners of the dogs that killed her.
Image result for images of Klonda Richey

For more information on the fatal attack on Klonda Richey please click here and here.

For information on what the Ohio Revised Code would have allowed Mr. Kumpf to do to protect Klonda Richey please click here.    Please note the discussion of affidavits as allowed by current Ohio Revised Code but never offered to Klonda Richey.

This material was covered in a Pit bull Roundup in November but it fits here as well.  Note the new attitude toward affidavits.  Wow, who would have thought?
Dayton Ohio 

Montgomery County is in damage control overdrive.  A two day seminar was held in Dayton for law enforcement and animal control officers from all over Ohio.  Per WDTN News " Officers, along with animal shelter employees, and municipal and county prosecutors met inside Sinclair Community College for a seminar to discuss ways to improve the response and investigation of dog mauling cases. The group also took time to discuss changing and adding legislation and asking legislators to strengthen dog laws."

I find it strange that there was no mention in the news story on the seminar of the mauling death of seven month old Jonathon Quarles Jr. mauled to death by his step grandmother's pit bull, inside her home in Dayton on July 20, 2014. The dog had a history of menacing a postal service employee and attacking a leashed dog being walked down the street. Montgomery county did not have ONE fatal attack in 2014, it had TWO fatal attacks.  The dogs in the first attack had dozens of complaints against them with no real action taken by animal control.  The dog in the second fatality had been cited by Montgomery County animal control twice. Damage control is needed here. 

A hot tipper tells me that part of the presentation by one Montgomery County official discussed the use of affidavits from the public regarding dangerous dogs in the community.  An affidavit form has been provided to dog wardens.  The Ohio Revised Code has always allowed the use of affidavits, as we discussed back in February.  Please click here for a refresher. Why did it take two deaths to get to this point?  Will Ohio lawmakers act on the requests for change in the ORC in order to better protect the safety of the public.  Quick review, Ohio has had nine fatal dog attacks since the passage of HB 14, the bill that would "finally give dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs." 
Jonathon Quarles, Jr.
Jonathan Quarles Jr, age 7 months.

For information on the owner of the dogs that killed Klonda Richey please click here.

For the thoughts of another blogger on the state of animal control laws please click here.

For Klonda Richey's actual complaints on the dogs that killed her please click here.

For information on the lawsuit against the dog owners please click here.

For a bit of information on the grand jury please click here.  Spoiler alert there were no charges.

For a discussion of Dayton politics and investigations as they impacted the mauling death of Klonda Richey and Jonathan Quarles Jr please click here.  

For a bit of background information on Mark Kumpf's participation in the Best Friends Animal Society funded effort to pass a Best Friends Animal Society written bill to deregulate pit bulls in the state of Ohio please click here.

For those of you who might have just finished reading the review of Mark Kumpf's involvement in the passage of HB 14, I have a final bit of trivia. Below is a comment posted by the Lucas County Pit Crew, note the date.  The Senate Hearing on HB 14 was December 6, 2011. Jean Keating is president of the Lucas County Pit Crew and she turns up in the blog frequently, she is Ohio's breed specific advocate.  She breathlessly reports that she, Ledy Vankavage, legal representative of the out of state PAC that wrote HB 14 and a registered lobbyist for that organization, Matt Granito who was president of the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association, Mark Kumpf who was treasurer of the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association and is now president of that organization went out for an apparent high five celebratory dinner accompanied by the faux "service pit bull in training" Wendy.  How wildly inappropriate given the status of the bill at that time.  Links to background material on Wendy are below.

Wendy rocked the Statehouse and made tons of new friends. She especially enjoyed dinner with Ledy VanKavage and dog wardens Matt Granito and Mark Kumpf. You've come a long way Wendy:)


Wendy makes an appearance at the Statehouse in June of 2011, identified by Jean Keating as a "service dog in training" 

Wendy returns to the Statehouse in December of 2011.  She turns up late in this post.  You are free to read the whole post but this is the part that deals with Wendy the "service pit bull in training."
"I will close this post with the story of Wendy the "Service Pit Bull in Training." Wendy made a personal appearance at the December 6, 2011 Senate hearing on HB 14.  She was brought into the hearing room by Jean Keating. There was nothing subtle about Wendy's entrance, it was "enthusiastic" for lack of a better word. The white pit bull made a bee line for the row of seated pit bull advocates. She was welcomed by each one of them, it appeared that each one of them had food for the dog. Keating began to speak, Wendy paid no attention to her whatsoever.

"I have brought Wendy with me today. Wendy is being trained as a service animal for a young child with post-traumatic stress disorder, sensory integration dysfunction, low muscle tone, and panic attacks. Wendy was chosen because she has the temperament and physical characteristics to perform the work needed to assist this child in leading a more normal life. Those same physical characteristics currently identify Wendy as a vicious dog under Ohio law. The American Staffordshire Terrier, which is a breed commonly referred to as a pit bull type is a popular choice for a service animal because of some unique qualities. They are hardy, athletic, and very socially connected dogs. They are also very easy to train as they are eager to please."

During Keating's testimony Wendy stood at the end of her leash and looked about the room, wandering a bit and returning to her line of friends, and their handsful of food. Wendy proved to be such a distraction that Keating was unable to remain in the hearing room after her testimony. She took Wendy out into the hall, where Wendy killed time by barking.

Interestingly, this was not Wendy's first appearance at a Statehouse hearing. Wendy accompanied Keating to a hearing in the Ohio House in June of 2011.  Actual service dogs in training are taught to remain quiet, lay down upon command, not seek attention or food from strangers, and focus attention on their handler. Wendy had none of these skills in December, what kind of "training" did she receive in the previous six months? This dog was chosen because she was "easy to train and eager to please?" 
                                                        * * *

For Wendy's actual identity please click here.  Read the identifying information under the photo of Jean Keating and her three pit bulls.  Wendy appears in the is photograph and is clearly identified as just one of Keating's personal pets.  

                                                       * * *    
Well, this post has covered a lot of ground.  Many Ohio residents are looking forward to new bills promised by Senator Bill Beagle to fix the HB 14 mess.  Representative Winburn's HB 541 had a great deal to recommend it and it is hoped that it will reappear under the sponsorship of Minority Leader Fred Strahorn.  

Klonda Richey deserves to be remembered, honoring her memory by passing laws that will protect the public seems appropriate.  

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Pit bull roundup 1/31/2015 Pit bull attacks, murder charges, dog fighting, the usual.

Getting back to work on some of the backlog here.  These stories appear in no particular order.

Copley Ohio

Police were called to the scene of a dog fight at a residence on Summit Road.  Upon arrival police found a dead pit bull, apparently stabbed to death with two butcher knives conveniently laying on the ground next to the dead pit bull.  Here is the story, a neighborhood couple took their leashed dogs out for a walk and the neighbor's pit bull charged them, attacking one of the leashed dogs taking that dog's head into its mouth.  The owner of the leashed dogs grabbed the pit bull by the neck and kicked it with no success. The owner of the pit bull arrived and also began kicking his pit bull to get it off the leashed dog, again no success.  The owner of the leashed dog went into his home and returned with the knives which he used to stab the attacking pit bull off his dog.  The leashed dog was rushed to a veterinarian.  A police report was made and forwarded to the local dog warden.  Click here for a report, scan down the column to Copley news.  

                                                                           * * *

Columbus Ohio

A feel good story, I'm holding my breath and hoping the warm feelings last.  A Columbus police officer rescued a pit mix puppy trapped in a car after a motor vehicle accident in early November. The officer saw the puppy a few weeks later on the Franklin County shelter's website after the owner surrendered the dog. Why?  Not included in the story.  In any case, the warm hearted police officer and his wife decided to rescue the pup again. This pit mix joins a household already including a Great Dane and a Boxer.  Many pit bulls do not show aggression until about two years of age.  Good luck.

                                                                       * * *

New York City

This is follow up on the Bones story. Type "Bones" into the site search block and you will get more than you ever wanted to know on Bones, the dog implicated in a murder in New York.  Bones was placed with a "rescue" dedicated to dangerous dogs located appropriately enough in a garage in a densely populated neighborhood in Toledo Ohio by the Lexus Project. Bones mysteriously went missing but months later it was revealed that Bones was never missing but rather buried in the yard. No explanation was ever offered.

Shaun Dyer was convicted murder for the death of David Shadha and sentenced to 25 years to life.
 Man who killed roommate with pit bull, metal pole gets 25 years to life
Here is the story per the New York Post.
The fatal spat began when Dyer accused Shadha of stealing his keys, then ordered his pitbull, “Bones,” to attack him. While a moving truck waited for Shadha downstairs, Dyer whacked him with the pipe at least 18 times, prosecutors said.
Capital Trigger
Shaun Dyer’s pitbull.Photo: Brigitte Stelzer
He then panicked and tried to clean up the gory scene, but there was too much blood.
So Dyer left his ferociously barking dog in the apartment with Shadha’s mutilated corpse and decided to saunter over to a nearby grocery store to buy orange juice, yogurt and milk.
After he ate, Dyer led a marshall into the blood-soaked apartment and feigned surprise when they were confronted by the grisly crime scene.
At trial, Dyer argued that Shadha rushed at him with a bat and he’d only defended himself, but jurors didn’t buy it.
At Thursday’s hearing, defense lawyer Jim McQueeney asked the judge for leniency, given the strain Dyer was under over the eviction.
“This arose on a very difficult day in my client’s life,” McQueeney said. “The maximum sentence should be reserved for the most heinous cases, most brutal cases and this is just not one of them.”

* eye roll *  The strain of the eviction?

It was a difficult day in David Shadha's life too, and his last.  And yes, that is Shadha's blood on Bones in the photo.

Sources state that Dyer has a history of two dozen arrests.

                                                                 * * *

Cincinnati Ohio

A woman was injured by a pit bull that per reports "hurt the woman's ankle."  The pit bull is owned by Anthony Easton who was accused of assault in the incident.  A grand jury did not indict Easton on domestic violence charges but Easton remained in jail on several protection orders violations.  Nice guy.

A rally was held in order to bring public awareness to the issue of domestic violence.

                                                             * * *

Akron Ohio

Indictments were returned by a federal grand jury against ringleaders of a national dog fighting ring raided by Akron police in November.  Ten people were indicted,a total of forty seven people were arrested, those remaining are expected to face charges in Summit County.
 Akron dog fighting investigation
Yes, that is blood on the walls of the pit.  For more information on this story please click here.

                                                                          * * *

Fremont Ohio

A sixteen week old pit bull puppy was reportedly taken by coyotes while a caretaker was filling food and water dishes. Puppy caretaker Dallas Critchet reported "“I was standing right there, but here’s these three coyotes coming up on him, and they grabbed him and shook him once, and took off with him into the corn field,” Critchet said. “They weren’t more than 30 yards away from me.” " We had a routine, but then these coyotes just came up out of nowhere and grabbed him, and he was gone, It hurt real bad to lose him like that.”

Coyotes are known to be in the area and this was not Critchet's first encounter with them.  Sandusky County Wildlife officer Matthew Leibengood stated "My best advice is is for people to always accompany their pets outside."  Good advice.

The style of this attack is remarkably similar to the attack behavior of pit bulls and for those who witness their pets grabbed by the neck by pit bulls, shaken and carried off  it"hurts real bad" as well.

                                                                     * * *

Mayfield Village Ohio

A resident complained to police that two pit bulls were on her front porch.  Police were able to lure one of the dogs to its home on SOM Center Road.  The 22 year old pit bull owner was cited for animal at large.  This is the second time she has cited for the same offense since October.  Another "responsible pit bull owner."

                                                                 * * *

Dayton Ohio

A Dayton police officer was treated for a dog bite injury after he was bitten by a pit bull.  Per WHIO
"The dog was loose in the house on West Third while the officer spoke to roommates about a dispute late last night.
It ran upstairs after biting the officer, the report states.
I think the moral of this story is confine your pit bull when police are called.  

                                                                * * * 
Akron Ohio

On Christmas Eve five dogs were seized from the home of an Akron man who is one of those arrested in the November dog fighting raid.  Humane officials spoke with Robbie Hollis at his home, noting that Hollis had four pit bulls and one German Shepherd mix living in unsanitary conditions, without water or shelter, and exhibiting body sores.  A treadmill, harness, and powdered supplement used for muscle building were also found on the property.  Hollis faces six counts of animal cruelty.  

Hollis is one of those expected to be charged in Summit County, he was arrested in November with being a spectator at a dog fight.  He has pleaded not guilty to that charge. 

Akron Ohio has restrictions on pit bulls.

                                                                * * *

Dayton Ohio

Dayton police were called to a South Hedges Street home in response to a pit bull attack.  The victim stated to police that he was walking home from a grocery store when he saw a pit bull loose in a back yard.  The pit bull charged the man who climbed a fence in an attempt to get away.  The victim was bitten on the arm and also injured his knee while climbing the fence.  The victim also stated that this was not his first experience with this particular pit bull.  Police records showed a previous call to the home after the off-leash pit bull charged someone.

The dog was identified as "red nose male pit bull, had all his shots and was registered."  The owner told police he let the dog out in the yard without a leash.  

Has the Montgomery County dog warden considered designating this pit bull as dangerous? 


                                                                 * * *

Columbus Ohio

This is another installment of "a pit bull's worst nightmare may well be his owner."  Two Columbus pit bulls were in the news for exposure to bitter cold, one rescued and one dead.  The two pit bulls were found at homes on the same street. One pit bull was frozen to death after being left behind by evicted owners. MJ, the surviving pit bull was chained in a yard, underweight, under protected from the cold, and covered in body sores.

MJ was taken to the Capitol Area Humane Society where records indicate that humane officers responded to a neglect call for the same pit bull at the same address a year ago. 

MJ's owner faces animal neglect charges.  

                                                                      * * *

Dayton Ohio

A pit bull named Precious bit a Dayton woman in the leg as she was picking up a friend from a house on North Harbine Avenue.  Precious is owned by the victim's great nephew.  The victim stated that Precious has bitten other people in the past and and that there are two other dogs in the household that appear aggressive.  Anybody seen Mark Kumpf lately?  

                                                                     * * * 

Cincinnati Ohio  

Cincinnati city council is considering three different proposals related to dangerous dogs.  There is debate on the inclusion of criminal penalties in addition to fines.  I find this incredible, this is the city where Zainabou Drame was mauled nearly to death causing two months hospitalization in addition to lifelong disability to this child with a million dollars and counting in medical bills.  The owner of the pit bulls has not been charged "because there was no appropriate charge to make."

Per WVSU "Council Member Kevin Flynn said criminals will likely ignore additional misdemeanor penalties.
"They're doing activities that go far beyond what we as a city can penalize criminally," Flynn said. "About the only thing we can do, and it's a lot easier to get recovery, is go after them civilly."
Helloooo, FELONY charges are appropriate.  Civil court does nothing for a victim.  Looking for an easy way out does not serve the purpose of public safety.  
                                                               * * *

1/27/2015                                                                                                                                        Newark Ohio   
For the second time this month a pit bull has bitten a local resident.  On Jan 18th a pit bull bit a man in the face causing injury.  The owner of the pit bull also faces outstanding charges dating back to September for failing to have insurance on a vicious dog and a violation of quarantine, plus charges on an exotic animals violation.
On January 13 it was reported that a man had been bitten by a pit bull as he was walking his leashed dog.  The leashed dog was attacked by the pit bull and the owner was bitten as he fought to protect his dog. It is an interesting factoid that January 13 happened to be the date of a city council meeting where breed specific advocates planned to speak in favor of dropping the local pit bull ban. 
On January 30th the Newark Advocate reported a third pit bull bite causing injury to a resident.  Per the Newark Advocate " Sgt. Paul Davis said there does not appear to be any evidence the victim did anything to provoke the dog. He said police do take and receive reports of dog bites involving dogs that are not classified as pit bulls, but Newark has not received any so far this year.
“Pit bulls are the majority,” Davis said."                    
Pit bull owners continue to complain that local law is unfair to them.  *eye roll*
                                                              * * *
1/27/2015 Port Clinton Ohio
A Port Clinton Ohio pit bull is being called a hero for doing what pit bulls do.  It bit someone but this time the person bitten was a burglar.  Tony Byrd Jr., owner of Mama the pit bull, heard screams coming from the front of the house.  By the time he got there he saw the burglar shut the front door and run toward a dark vehicle, leaving a trail of blood in the snow.   Well done Mama.  Medical professionals have been asked to report any suspicious dog bite injuries.
Mama the pit bull.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Newark insanity.

Is the quick fix for pit bull attacks in a community with a pit bull ban opening the floodgates to countless more, and completely unregulated pit bulls?  Does that seem logical?

This appears to be the "thinking" of the Newark Advocate.  Please read the analysis by blogger Sudden, Random, Unprovoked, and Violent.  Click here for a thorough and thoughtful look at the Newark political situation.  Here is a short quote "  That bloody year is apparently of little consequence to the editors of the Newark Advocate, who in 2015 reversed course and published a series of articles unlike anything previously seen in pit bull advocacy. At least six articles appeared over a ten-day period, including a new editorial opinion in support of pit bulls.

In the middle of the publishing blitz, on Sunday, January 11, the Advocate published what appears to be a special insert. The heavily illustrated article, Pit bull owners share the softer side of 'bully breeds'was reprinted by newspapers across the country.2"

This seems to be a good time to remind readers of the stats in Ohio since the Ohio Legislature passed HB 14 in 2012.   In the first two years since the passage of HB 14 Ohio has had nine fatal dog attacks, four by pit bulls, one by dogs called "pit/mastiff" mixes and four by all other breeds combined.  In the ten years prior to passage of HB 14 Ohio saw six fatal dog attacks.  

Historic note - HB 14 was written by out-of-state animal rights and breed specific advocacy PAC Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends paid registered lobbyists to push the bill and sold it as "finally gives dog wardens the tools to deal with dangerous dogs."

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pit bull roundup

The sheer numbers of outrageous pit bull events in Ohio has caused a huge backlog in our inbox.  We will get back to this mess soon but here is a bit of late year housekeeping.

Toledo Ohio

From the files labeled "a pit bull's worst nightmare may be her owner" we have Jovie.  Jovie the pit bull puppy was surrendered to a rescue when she was three months old and weighed three pounds.  A local veterinarian stated that Jovie's weight was about half what it should have been and that she was "living on borrowed time."  The puppy is now in the care of the Lucas County Pit Crew.  At five months Jovie is up to seven pounds and her condition is greatly improved.

Jessica Bell, Jovie's former owner is a foster for the Toledo PET Bull project.  Bell is unable to account for the condition of the pup and she continues to foster dogs.  Bell stated that Jovie was "skinny" when she got her and offered proof that the dog had been seen by a veterinarian who found nothing wrong.

Given the involvement of the Lucas County Pit Crew, Jean Keating is heavily quoted.  Donations toward medical care for Jovie are, of course, being accepted by the Lucas County Pit Crew.

Is is unexplained how it was determined that Jovie is a pit bull, nobody can identify pit bulls.   It is also difficult to understand how those who claim to love the breed can fail to impact the numbers of pit bulls bred in backyards across the United States.  Roughly a million pit bulls die in American shelters EVERY YEAR.  Wouldn't mandatory neuter and spay for pit bulls cut down on the suffering of dogs like Jovie?  Dogs not conceived can't starve, suffer, or die.

                                                                        * * *

Toledo Ohio

This story may have been missed previously and no one should miss a pit bull attack that was actually covered by the Toledo Blade.

Toledo police shot and killed a pit bull observed to be attacking a woman.  Prior to being shot the dog was witnessed menacing two pedestrians and charged police as well.

When the dust settled and statements were taken it was revealed that the victim, the woman attacked was protecting her children from the dog. They had all been attacked by the same pit bull.  Substitute Beagle for pit bull in this story and see if it makes sense.  Nope, not for me either.  

                                                                        * * *


Dayton police were called for an animal complaint.  A leashed pit bull was charging the door of a house preventing the home owner from taking his children to school.  Police were able to catch the leash and lead the pit bull away from the home but as it was being walked toward the police cruiser the pit bull became aggressive and bit the officer.  The dog was transported to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center run by county dog warden Mark Kumpf, for quarantine.  The officer was treated for his injuries.

The Dayton Police department has purchased catch poles for use in situations like this one.  Guns work too, see the next few stories.

                                                                      * * *

Fremont Ohio

Fremont police shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked an eight year old boy and charged police responding to the call.  The call was described by the News-Messenger "  Officers arrived and saw a brown pit bull on top of the juvenile, with the child screaming for help. The eight year-old boy was inside a fenced-in area with the dog, according to the report, with the animal actively dragging the boy around the yard." 

Police fired one shot killing the dog and ending the attack.  The Sandusky County Health Department and Sandusky County EMS also responded to the call.

                                                                        * * *

Cleveland Heights Ohio

An eight year old boy was hospitalized after he was attacked by a pit bull belonging to the family of his friend.  The boys were walking home from school when they arrived at the home of the boy who owned the pit bull.  The boys entered the fenced yard and approached the house when the two year old pit bull bit the boy on his hand and wrist.  The child was taken to Euclid Hospital and later transferred to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital for treatment.

The pit bull's owner was charged with having a vicious dog unconfined and lacking a permit and insurance for that vicious dog.  The taxpayer will receive the bill for this attack eventually.  The pit bull owner reported that his pit bull had no history of biting.  *eye roll *

                                                                    * * *

Dayton Ohio

A report shows that Dayton police often shoot dogs that are aggressive, 50 since 2011.  Per Hometownnewsstations.com "Data shows police shoot at dogs more often than people, with shootings occurring during drug raids, welfare checks, investigations, traffic stops and chases through yards and alleys.
Police tell the Dayton Daily News (http://bit.ly/1zhfrFZ ) that using deadly force often is a split-second decision and provides the only guarantee to stop an aggressive animal from potentially causing harm.
Lt. Matthew Dickey, commander of the department's West Patrol Operations Division, says that getting bit by a dog can cause serious and sometimes permanent injuries.
Animal advocates say they understand what police go through but encourage more training to deal with canine confrontations.
Easy for advocates to say but police officers deserve to go home uninjured at the end of their shift. Those who don't want their dogs shot should keep their dogs safely confined.  This protects the public, police, and the dog.  

                                                                               * * * 

Cincinnati Ohio

Fundraisers continue for six year old Zainabou Drame, mauled by the neighbor's pit bulls in June.  An event held at the Horseshoe Casino and hosted by the Sentinel Black Police Officer's Association also honored the four police officers who saved Zainabou's life.  Click here for a link to the story and links to previous articles on Zainabou's recovery.  The event was attended by hundreds of people, the money raised will go directly toward Zainabou's medical bills which near a million dollars so far.  

One of the honored police officers, Kyle Strunk, was interviewed and he described the scene as police arrived per WLWT "Strunk said he'll never forget the image of that as they pulled up, seeing grown men and women vomiting on the street, reacting to what they had just witnessed.
"That's not a sight you see very often, you know, adults can't even look. They had to look away based on the violence of it,”

Zainabou has returned to school and was visited at school by Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell and several police officers.   City police have never wavered in their support for this child.

Zainabou lost her tongue in the attack, she is unable to speak or swallow and is fed through a tube.
The owner of the dogs was not charged for the attack because there "was no law on the books that fit."

                                                                        * * *

Medina Ohio    

Augusta and Burdett Crandall pleaded no contest to misdemeanor animal cruelty charges that they starved their two dogs, a pit bull and a Boxer.  The couple has not yet been sentenced.  The dogs were confiscated in August by the Medina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  That organization received $10,300 in donations for the care of these two dogs.

Charges look appropriate to me.  These are the dogs.

Andor and Friends with Steffen.jpg
Sometimes things get better. The tan and white dog in the center of this photo is the recovered pit bull.

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Bellefontaine Ohio  

In a classic leap of logic the pit bull Belle, rescued from a dogfighting operation in Cleveland has been declared a "bait dog" in order to make her story more acceptable and make her more adoptable. 

Bait dog?  Bell has scars on her face, possibly she just fought and/or lost.   WHIO has declared Bell "heroic" why?   Bell is available for adoption into your neighborhood.  Good luck.  Contact the Ohio Animal Cruelty Task Force, a volunteer organization with no apparent connections to any larger humane organization.
Heroic recovery for pup used as ‘bait’ by dog-fighting ring gallery
Who will be responsible if Belle attacks?  Who will pay the medical bills of the victim.  Pit bull advocates remind the public ad nauseum  "its all in how you raise 'em" and Belle is game bred and pit experienced.

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Bolivar Missouri  


Mia and Tebow in better times.

A three year old girl mauled by her grandparents American Bulldog (pit bull derivative) will be treated for her injuries at Cincinnati's Shriners Hospital for Children, one of my very favorite organizations.  Mia Kraft was scheduled to her her first surgery at Shriners in early December.  

A bit of history here, Mia's grandparents have owned Tebow since the dog was 8 weeks old and Mia has spent a great deal of time with the dog.  There was no history of violence from this dog.  Mia's mother has no insurance to cover medical expenses and will be billed for the surgeries done prior to Mia's arrival in Ohio.   

Mia Kraft, 3, is at the University of Missouri Women's 


Friday, December 19, 2014

Wauseon Ohio is under seige by pit bull advocacy

There is a theme to this post.

It is difficult for peaceful people to understand the investment in breed specific advocacy. Animals consistently implicated in the death or disfigurement of humans, why is there such hysteria to remove proactive local law to regulate them?

Efforts to change local law by appealing to residents and voters are grinding to a halt. We are not likely to see any  more attempts to remove breed bans appear on the ballot.  This has been tried only twice and failed in a spectacular manner both times. Those at the upper level of  pit bull advocacy want to avoid another loss at all costs so they are turning up the flame under the city councils of small communities all across America.  The landslide votes in Miami-Dade Florida and in Aurora Colorado clearly show that the public gets it.  The public is aware of the outrageous numbers of pit bull attacks, aware of the fatalities, aware of the suffering, aware of the costs.  The voters have said "no" so the small but wildly vocal and very well funded special interest group attempts to bully reluctant communities to drop breed bans and bamboozle state legislatures into passing state law to prohibit the use of home rule rights to pass BSL.  Yes, pit bull advocacy tried to this in six states this year.  They won in two states and lost in four states.  We will talk about this again sometime but back to current events in Ohio.                                                                      

Toledo Ohio

The Toledo Blade reports that the Wauseon City Council passed the first reading of a measure that would remove the city's pit bull ban.  Councilman Martin Estrada, a non dog owner,  was approached by "a number of individuals and groups" asking to bring local law more "in line" with state law which was changed by the passage of HB 14 in 2012.

No mention was made of the nine people mauled to death by dogs in Ohio in the first two years since the passage of HB 14.  Historical note, in the ten years prior to the passage of HB 14 Ohio had five fatal dog attacks.  It was not mentioned that two bills aimed at fixing the mess created by HB 14 are expected to be introduced into the next General Assembly.

Jean Keating appears to be leading the effort to change Wauseon law.  Ms. Keating does not live in Wauseon Ohio but she is heavily quoted in the article.   Per the Blade "The Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates, which played a strong role in changing the state code, provided Mr. Estrada with some information, research, and contacts."  Keating is president and co-founder of the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates.

Toledo Ohio

In a series of articles on Wauseon Ohio the Toledo Blade adds an opinion piece slanted toward removal of a local breed ban "Pity the 'pit bull.'

In classic pit bull advocacy talking points the piece begins with excuses but prances right to claims that breed bans are falling all over the United States.  The Aurora Colorado vote to retain a breed ban in the November general election by better than a 2 to 1 margin was not mentioned.  The Aurora vote was historic in that it was only the second time that this issue has gone to voters. The first was Miami-Dade in 2012, that breed ban was also retained by local voters by a 2 to 1 margin.

The article goes on to list organizations opposed to BSL, We have the NCRC which is owned by the Animal Farm Foundation (extreme pit bull advocacy).  The HSUS and the AVMA appear on the list, both organizations are in the business of the rights and welfare of animals and have no concern with the welfare and safety of humans.  The CDC appears although in their last report listing fatalities by breed includes the statement " Despite these limitations and concerns, the data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF in the United States between 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities."  The ABA is simply infested with animal rights lawyers.

No mention of organizations created to further human health and safety that are also opposed to BSL. There aren't any.  General Practice doctors, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, orthopedic specialists, nurses, social service workers, leaders of neighborhood associations, the United States Postal Service, none of these have endorsed pit bulls.

Click here for the opinion of Dr. David Billmire, professor and director of the Division of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.  The title of his opinion is "There is no need for pit bulls."  Here is a quote.
Based on my extensive experience, I believe that the risk posed by pit bulls is equivalent to placing a loaded gun with the safety off on the coffee table. In my opinion, these dogs should be banned. I know this is an unpopular stand in some circles, but how many mauled children do we have to see before we realize the folly of allowing these dogs to exist?  

The arguments made by advocates of these dogs are the same arguments made by people who feel that assault weapons are an essential part of daily living. There are plenty of breeds available that peacefully coexist with human society. There is no need for pit bulls."

Here are more studies by doctors on the topic.
The effectiveness of Breed Specific Legislation in decreasing the incidence of dog bite hospitalizations in Canadian people living in the Province of Manitoba.   2012

Periorbital trauma from pit bull terrier attacks  2012


In the ophthalmic setting, pit bull terrier attacks most frequently involve children and result in eyelid lacerations. Canalicular injuries are common after these attacks

Dog bites of the head and neck:an evaluation of a common pediatric trauma and associated treatment. 2014.  Conclusions
The patients most likely to suffer dog bite injuries of the head and neck are children. Although a number of dog breeds were identified, the largest group were pit bull terriers, whose resultant injuries were more severe and resulted from unprovoked, unknown dogs. More severe injuries required a greater number of interventions, a greater number of inpatient physicians, and more outpatient follow-up encounters. Healthcare utilization and costs associated with dog bites warrant further investigation.
Mortality, mauling and maiming by vicious dogs. 2011
Conclusions: Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites.

Dog bites of the head and neck in children. 2011.  "Most injuries were soft tissue related, however more severe bites and injuries were observed in attacks from the pit-bull and Rottweiler breeds"
Pediatric Dog Bite Injuries: A five year review of at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. 2009  The most common breeds included pit bull terriers (50.9 percent), Rottweilers (8.9 percent), and mixed breeds of the two aforementioned breeds (6 percent).
 A ten year, two institution review of pediatric dog attacks: Advocating for a nationwide prohibition of dangerous dogs.   2008   "Our cases present the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as our cases only
represented consultations directed to Plastic Surgery. The Province of Ontario, Canada has banned Pit Bulls since 2004, as have several American cities. We describe the scope of the problem, preventative guidelines, and outline why organizational advocacy in plastic surgery should be directed towards a national prohibition of dangerous dogs."

Pit Bull Mauling Deaths in Detroit.  2009  This study is autopsy material.  The photographs are sobering.

I realize that breed specific advocates may doubt the relevance of these studies, and many more just like them.  After all they are studies done by actual medical doctors, not a single vet tech is quoted.


Toledo Ohio

The Blade reports a possible delay in the passage of a law to remove the Wauseon pit bull ban.  During a 12/11/2014 meeting of the city council County Dog Warden Brian Banister gave his thoughts on the proposal and he opposes removal of the ban. Per the Blade " Mr. Banister said while some “pit bulls” and “pit bull” mixes will never be a problem, he said when they do attack, the dogs routinely inflict more damage than any other breed.  “The differential in it is the fact that if that ‘pit’ attacks, that attack is going to be greatly, greatly more severe than a normal dog,” he said.
“It’s inherent in their DNA. ‘Pit bulls’ were hunting dogs, used as a catch dog for wild boar hunting and bear hunting. These dogs were bred to fight. Is every ‘pit bull’ out there a fighter? Absolutely not, but that is what is in their DNA. That is what they were bred to do.”
Councilman Estrada countered with the claim that BSL is unconstitutional which is false.  The Supreme Court of Ohio has upheld the constitutionality of BSL in the State of Ohio V. Anderson.  Click here for the Ohio Supreme Court's ruling in the Toledo V. Tellings case, a reversal of a lower court's ruling that the city of Toledo's BSL was unconstitutional.  Appellate courts in twelve states plus the District of Columbia have ruled BSL constitutional. The United States Supreme Court has refused to rule on BSL stating that regulation of dogs properly belongs on the state level.

Mr. Estrada goes on to state that there is no true way to identify a pit bull.  Please review again the ruling in the State of Ohio V. Anderson for the opinion of the Ohio Supreme Court that pit bulls can be identified by "a dog owner of average intelligence" and plenty of reasons why they should.  Here is a short quote " In Vanater v. South Point, supra, the court found that pit bulls have the following behavioral traits: "* * * a) grasping strength, b) climbing and hanging ability, c) weight pulling ability, d) a history of frenzy, which is the trait of unusual relentless ferocity or the extreme concentration on fighting and attacking, e) a history of catching, fighting, and killing instinct, f) the ability to be extremely destructive and aggressive, g) highly tolerant of pain, h) great biting strength, i) undying tenacity and courage and they are highly unpredictable." Id. at 1240. The court further found that pit bulls possess the quality of gameness, which it described as "the propensity to catch and maul an attacked victim unrelentingly until 
173*173 death occurs * * *." Similarly, in Singer, supra, the evidence presented at trial established that pit bulls "possess inherent characteristics of aggression, strength, viciousness and unpredictability not found in other dog breeds. * * * [U]nlike other breeds which retreat if they are injured in a fight or an attack, a pit bull will often bite, clamp down with its powerful jaw, and maintain its hold until separated from its victim." Finally, the Florida ordinance regulating pit bull ownership which was upheld in State v. Peters(Fla. App. 1988), 534 So.2d 760, states that pit bulls are distinguished by "* * * a high [in]sensitivity to pain, extreme aggressiveness towards other animals, and a natural tendency to refuse to terminate an attack once it has begun * * *." Id. at 764.

The city council president requested additional time to study the issue and get the opinion of residents of the community.   A prudent choice.   

Toledo Ohio

Leaving no stone unturned in the effort to repeal the Wauseon pit bull ban, the Toledo Blade announces the showing of the breed specific advocacy classic "documentary" Beyond The Myth at the Wauseon Public Library on 12/15/2014.  This event was sponsored by Fulton County No Kill, closely associated with the Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates led by .... Jean Keating.

I have asked many friends if they have ever seen a notice for a movie being shown at the local library debunking the vicious reputation of Beagles, or Pugs, or Irish Setters.  The Truth About Golden Retrievers?  Poodles - Bad Rap or Just Like any Other Dog?  Oddly, no one has. 

Toledo Ohio

Continuing non stop coverage of the pit bull ban in Wauseon Ohio (population 7,332) the Blade reports breathlessly that a second reading of the ordinance to remove the pit bull ban passed. The vote was three in favor, two against, and one abstaining).

Three individuals spoke in favor of the ordinance.  Only one of the three was a local resident.  

Prior to the meeting the council voted 3 to 3 on a motion to table the second reading.  Mayor Huner broke the tie moving the issue forward.  

The final reading will be January 5, 2015.  Prior to the final reading the ordinance will be reviewed by the safety and code committee, the police chief, and the city's legal council.  

                                                                         * * *  
St Mary's Ohio 

This story did NOT come from the Toledo Blade, you may notice a difference in the reporting.

The article begins with "ST. MARYS — Keeping stride with other communities around the state, St. Marys City Council unanimously approved an ordinance regulating “pit bulls” at its meeting Monday."
The new law in St Marys is based on the newly rewritten  Lima Ohio law.  Auglaize County Dog Warden Russ Bailey supported the law.  

St Marys Mayor Pat "McGowan said the city did not receive the backlash that some municipalities receive when passing restrictive laws on the dogs. Some opponents of pit bull legislation say it causes unwarranted bias against them and that dangerous dogs all a result of care of the owner rather than the breed.

“I think we did not face any opposition because people are beginning to realize their is a problem,” McGowan said. “There are a lot of people that let them free and don’t even follow the leash law. Most do but it only takes a few to ruin it for other people. We have a lot of walkers and we have had a lot of complaints about walkers encountering dogs.”

                                                                         * * *

Why is the Toledo Blade so invested in pit bulls?  Many newspapers have individual reporters with a heavy breed specific bias but at the Blade the disease infects everyone right on up through the editors to the owners of the newspaper.  The Blade has gone from reporting news to driving it and even creating it.  The Blade's sister newspaper in Pittsburgh has a similar bias but a bit less hysteria.  Toledo elected officials appear to share the affliction.  See the previous post for more insanity from the Toledo City Council.

Is there something in the water in Toledo?  Was last summer's tap water ban a red flag revealing something sinister?  Is continuous low level exposure to toxins in the drinking water driving insanity in elected officials and newspaper executives?    

Don't drink the water in Toledo.