Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Facebook post that deserves to be seen.

This comment turned up on Facebook this morning.  These are not my words but I urge you to read them to understand the fury pit bull owners turn on the victims of their bred-for-blood-sport dogs. Thank you to the author of this comment but I will not share her name in an effort to protect her from the vile rage of pit bull owners.  

                                                                           * * *

WHY do Pit Bull owners and advocates turn on victims with such anger and hatred, look for attack 'catalysts' that do not exist, hold up the killing dog as more innocent victim than the dead child or the mutilated victim (who in many cases, is the OWNER of the killing dog); BLAME the dead or mutilated victims even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and blame them in the most disgusting of ways using language and rote phraseology that leaves normal people shocked and angered?
When it comes to Pit Bulls, it is the dogs of 'others' that kill, not THEIR dogs. THEY are special; their DOGS are special. Sadly, ownership of a 'killer dog' only BEGINS when their dog has BECOME a 'killer'. And then of course it's all too late to undo. The FIRST time that their Pit Bull strikes can be the LAST time for some poor soul. These dogs rarely give 'test bites' - they enter their zone of red FAST, and exit is slow and unwilling, leaving flesh rendered, bones broken, entrails spilled, necks severed, scalps removed, hands and faces and genitals fed upon, blood flowing, graves being dug.
Owning a member of a known killer breed give a person free and immediate entry into a world of embracing cronies who also own a potentially killing dog - they groom the acolyte, they support him, they 'love' him and his dog, encourage him or her to plaster photographs of it all over the internet (even and especially on the media coverage comments where someone has died or been mutilated by a Pit Bull); they urge each other to support the breed & defend it in ways that cause disgust and revulsion in normal people... and of course the Pit Bull owner WILL do this thing; the investment has been made, the gamble taken.
When the gamble fails, as it fails for Pit Bull owners with more ease and regularity than the owners of all other dog breeds even COMBINED, then those self-same embracing cronies will turn on the owner like earth-bound demons for his or her newly-found and painful revelations - they are no longer part of the fraternity or the sorority of Pit Bull protectionism - SOMEHOW they failed their dogs and allowed them to become a media story - those owners and their bloodied dogs are a statistic that now casts doubt on THEIR dogs and THEIR ownership.
They take that killer dog and turn it, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, into a hero dog that suffered poor ownership and was either ill-treated or non-socialised enough to KILL, OR was open to a 'catalyst' so overwhelming that even the tiniest of dogs would have had to resort to killing; (enter the claims of Chihuahua attacks, and 'my sister was mauled by a Poodle').
'It's how they are raised', they wail as one voice, completely ignoring the well-raised, well-loved, well-socialised dog that they are wailing about, and even if it was NONE of those things, they absolutely ignore the millions of ABUSED and neglected dogs from all OTHER breeds who do not do this kind of thing with such regularity and ferocity.
The owner of the Pit Bull dog that spills blood enters a world of pain where not only is he or she dealing with the death or grotesque mutilation of their child, or their own ruined face in the mirror, they are dealing with the fall from grace of the dog they were SO sure loved them dearly and would obey their every instruction even in the throes of a killing frenzy, AND they are dealing with the pure and naked hatred of those that encouraged these hapless people to love it and keep it as a 'pet' in the FIRST place.
Pit Bull ownership is not individual ownership of 'a dog'; it is an elite club of specialist protectionists who were already twisted and social deviants on levels that are not always spottable and knowable, who chose to align themselves with an extreme breed of dog known above all others to kill and cause horrendous mutilations; a dog whose blood-sport work has been made illegal, but who remains as a remodelled pet dog IN NAME ONLY. Owners CANNOT leave this elite club or abandon their dogs at any point. The club members bring another layer of Hell to those that try. One WORD out of place, one hesitation, one faintly querying comment... and they are ON for the fight, despicable as it may be.
As in the words of 'Hotel California' by The Eagles, guaranteed to produce a shiver of unease when applied to the subject of the Cult of Pit Bull:-
"Relax," said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave."
"She said "We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device",
In the Master's chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can't kill the Beast".
ONLY the 'checkout' of death or grotesque lifelong mutilating injuries ends the emotional and psychological attachment and investment of the Pit Bull owner to the rest of the death-cult members, and even then their names and their memories will be abused ferociously, and their terrifying deaths and mutilations or those of their children blamed ONLY on themselves. After all, if it is as they say and 'all in how they were raised', then according to the Cult of Pit Bull, such owners RAISED THAT DOG TO KILL and to VIOLENTLY DISFIGURE.
Photo attachments:
Darla Napora - BADRAP member, killed by her pet Pit Bull on 11th August, 2011 - her 6-month old unborn child perished with her.
Ed Cahill - staunch defender of Pit Bulls, owner of one he considered his pet & canine counterpart, killed by it on Christmas Day 2014.
Rebecca Carey - sweet-natured rescuer of dangerous dogs; 'saved' them so that they might avoid euthanizing - slain on 12th August 2012 by two of her pet Pit Bulls, 2 Presa Canarios, 1 Boxer 'Mix'.
Eugene Smith - slaughtered by his pet Pit Bull as he took down his Christmas tree on 7th January, 2015.