Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pit bull crisis prompts support groups to declare October 24th National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day

October 24th has been designated as National Pit Bull *Victim* Awareness Day to raise awareness of the social and financial costs of pit bull attacks.  The initiative, sponsored by Daxton's Friends for Canine Education and Awareness, seeks to call attention to the scope and severity of this urgent public safety issue. It is beyond time to acknowledge the victims of mindless and relentless pit bull advocacy.  A North American coalition of over 50 pit bull attack support groups has launched an information website to coincide with National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day. Please visit

The National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Day website outlines the effect of pit bulls on families and communities with respect to public safety, and their often devastating social and economic impacts. Various stakeholders in the pit bull issue are identified and addressed, including taxpayers, legislators, emergency and healthcare workers, animal control officers, law enforcement agencies, pet owners, farmers, and humane organizations.

Despite the ongoing efforts of pit bull advocates to bury breed specific legislation and substitute what is euphemistically called "breed neutral legislation" the pit bull problem is getting worse every year.  Thirty years of claims from pit bull advocates that education will turn this around have proven foolish and bloody.

  pit bull attack chart

When will there be enough suffering ?