Monday, September 7, 2015

Pit bull roundup 9/7/2015, there is still a huge backlog but this is just a sample of Ohio pit bull insanity.

Here we go with another stab at clearing up some of the backlog of Ohio pit bull insanity.  There is a LOT more to come.

Piqua Ohio
Miami County

A young girl answering a call on her cell phone was attacked by one of the family's  pit bulls.  The girl's  father jumped in front of her to protect her and he was attacked as well.  The 15 minute attack was still in progress when police arrived.  Tasers and pepper spray were used to subdue the attacking pit bull.  Jeremy Bayless was bitten on his foot, ankle, and leg.  His heavy leather boots were credited with protecting him from more serious injuries.
The pit bull was, wait for it.... very recently rescued from an animal rescue that deals in dogs rescued from dog fighters.    Could anyone see this one coming?  Think the rescue has insurance to cover this?  Think the dog was micro chipped so everyone involved in this could be identified?  My guess is no for all three.

But wait, we are not done here.  The family still fully supports the breed.  Jeremy Bayless uses a curious choice of words to describe himself.  He calls himself a "dog man" in an interview with the Daily Call.  This is a self descriptive term used by dog fighters.  Was he clueless?  Was he saying more than he was letting on?

The Bayless family only had Riley a few weeks but Bayless believes that the attacking dog, two year old Riley was "unstable" due to his history and claims that Riley was a "bait dog."  Any pit bull with scars is commonly referred to as a "bait dog" without thought.  Pit bulls fight back, actual bait dogs are far more likely to be stolen pets and they do not survive.

More twaddle from Bayless " Bayless suggests that anyone wanting to purchase any dog, “do their research” into not only the breed, but the bloodline of the dog they wish to adopt into the family.
“Probably the reason why I stand strong behind the pit bull is because, if that dog is raised right, (it is not a danger),” said Bayless. “I would almost go the pound and get that dog back … if I knew that I could control it.” 

Chandra Bayless, Jeremy's wife had this to say“It’s the way that they’re raised,” said Chandra, who has lived around pit bulls most of her life, in speaking about the belief that the pit bull breed is dangerous. “They are very protective,” she went on. “I wouldn’t think twice about if my daughter wants to go take a walk (with the pit bull).”

Riley will be euthanized at the end of his 10 day rabies confinement.

Pit bull attacks two in Piqua home. (Photo/Mike Ullery, Piqua Daily Call)
Look at the police assisting with removal of Riley from the Bayless home.  These officers are serious

A much less serious Jeremy Bayless and his 11 year old daughter Madison pictured the day after the attack by Riley. I do not get any warm and fuzzy vibes while looking at that massive pit bull on this child's lap.  I wonder how the neighbors feel when this dog is walked by an 11 year old child?

                                                               * * *

Painesville Ohio
Lake County

A Painesville woman was attacked by her next door neighbor's pit bull.  She was trying to bring in her garbage cans "when her neighbor's pit bull darted out their front door.  “Basically the dog tried to rip my leg off,"  This is not a first for this pit bull, it also menaced the son of today's victim just a few weeks ago.  Jamie Firley was treated at Tripoint Medical Center for wounds to her thigh and her calf.

The pit bull will be held in quarantine for 10 days at the owner's home with periodic checks by the Lake County dog Warden.  It is to be hoped that Lake County Dog Warden Rodney Shelton will make sure the pit bull is declared dangerous.

                                                                          * * *

Akron Ohio
Summit County

An Akron pit bull owner lost his appeal to save his dog from euthanasia after the Ninth District Court of Appeals ruled that the pit bull poses a threat to the public.  The Akron Municipal Court had previously ordered the pit bull put down.  Here is the case per The Akron Legal News.  "Case summary states that Peterson’s dog, Baby, was running off-leash outside of his residence on Aug. 14, 2014.
The neighbor, Shannon Wade, owned a Shitzhu named Yogi who was outside with Wade’s daughter and niece at the time.
Court documents state that, when Wade returned home from work, Yogi left the home’s front porch to greet her in the driveway.
That is when Baby ran up, grabbed Yogi with her mouth and began shaking her from side to side.
Yogi did not die as a result of the attack, but she did suffer a proptosed eye and required veterinary care for which Peterson was ordered to pay as part of the sanctions for his violation of Akron City Ordinances.
Peterson entered into an agreement with the prosecution and ended up pleading no contest to a violation of A.C.O. 92.25(B)(4), which prohibits the possession of a dog that has caused physical harm to another domestic animal.
Peterson was found guilty and sentenced to 180 days in the Summit County jail, which was suspended on the condition that he obey all laws for two years, pay a $150 fine and pay restitution for Yogi’s veterinary expenses."
The City of Akron does not ban pit bulls but does regulate them.  Despite Peterson's excuses, it was noted that Peterson's pit bull frequently was frequently allowed to run at large and did not wear the day glo green identification collar.  Akron City Animal Control staff members were sent to Peterson's home on several occasions to drop of printed literature on the city's pit bull regulations.  This material was ignored by Mr. Peterson.

In addition, per the Akron Legal News " “Moreover, the trial court’s order contained a second rationale for finding that Baby poses a continuing threat of harm to the public,” Schafer wrote, noting that Peterson had trained his dog to “sic” or attack other dogs on command.
“However, Mr. Peterson fails to address this second finding by the trial court in his appellate brief,” Schafer wrote. “We therefore decline to address the trial court’s second basis for finding that Mr. Peterson’s dog, Baby, presents a continuing threat or danger to the public.”
Peterson went on to argue that the fact that Baby caused physical and economic harm to Yogi and the Wade family had no bearing on whether Baby posed a threat to the public."  
Peterson was given multiple opportunities to change the course of Baby's life but failed miserably. Baby's euthanization order has been upheld. No one other than Peterson is responsible for this.

                                                          * * *

Bellefontaine Ohio
Logan County

BellefontainePolice Patch

Two pit bulls charged and attacked a Bellefontaine police officer, and a neighbor who attempted to assist the officer.  Per the Bellefontaine Examiner "Officer Michael A. Loehr responded to 402 W. Sandusky Ave. at about 4:45 p.m. Saturday where one pit bull was reported running loose in the neighborhood. The dog was located at 412 W. Sandusky where another adult male pit bull was tied to the home.
The second dog charged the officer, breaking free of its restraint.
A neighbor, Matthew A. Kerns, 45, attempted to aid Officer Loehr, but was bitten twice on the legs by the dogs. The officer used pepper spray on the dogs and was also bitten on the leg below the knee." 

"The dogs’ owner Paul E. Dick, 35, of 412 W. Sandusky Ave., returned home shortly after the confrontation and accused officers of provoking the dogs. He was cited for allowing dogs to run at large."

Dick is a classic pit bull owner, not home when his pit bulls are at large and attacking police but happy to accuse the officer of "provoking" his maulers.   Newsflash, the system is complaint driven and the officer was called for a complaint of a pit bull running at large.  Provocation was not involved here. Dick is fortunate his pit bulls were not shot.

                                                              * * *

Patchoge NY
New York

This is not an Ohio story but it illustrates a point, very well.  A family with a sixteen year old daughter adopted a pit bull from a local shelter.  This family was just delighted with the prospect of giving a pittie a second chance.

The ads for the dog assured the public that Alex would be "perfect for any family."  Alex attacked the sixteen year old AS SOON AS THEY GOT THE THING HOME.

Father Steven Neira makes the absolutely classic victim's emotional statement "If I could prevent someone else from going through this tragedy I would do it."  Mr. Neira, that's why we are all here.

 The shelter, and a rescue group that had previously owned Alex the pit bull did not return calls from News 12.  Not surprising. Alex was promptly euthanized.  Watch the video, please.

Shelter documents show the city shelter system had transferred ownership of the pit bull mix on Thursday to a Vermont group, Carolyn All Breed Rescue, which had highlighted Alex's plight on the rescue website Urgent Pets on Death Row.  Animal lover Stephen Neira, 40, had found Alex Thursday on a website to rescue "death row" dogs and had 22 minutes to save the brown and white pit bull mix before he was to be euthanized at the Animal Care Centers of New York City. It was Neira's first time taking in a pit bull, and he felt like a proud father when he decided to foster the dog and welcomed the 42-pound addition home on Sunday.  Click on the link for details of the attack.

Alex the pit bull after he failed his big chance.

This item was included after I got a heads up that Ohio pit bull advocate Steffen Baldwin rescued a
two time recidivist pit bull listed as "not good with children, not good with dogs, not good with cats." AND a second pit bull labeled as "very bad with other dogs" on the very same day last week. Baldwin's intent is to tune these two known problematic dogs and place them with families, just like Steven Neira's family.

I sincerely hope Baldwin considers the safety of potential adopters before he places these two dogs, and the pit bull named Zack that he brought home earlier this year.  Baldwin's Zack was a "rescue only", not safe for a municipal shelter to place with the public so Baldwin took it home to do just that. I have zero interest in Baldwin or his business but I have a great deal of interest in public safety.

Codley is 4. He has spent 3 of those 4 years in a shelter. Adopted twice and returned twice with a year wait in between. Time to come home, pal. Codley will be up for adoption through ACT Ohio following a decompression period and pack integration but his shelter days are behind him. ‪#‎dontbullymybreed‬

Rescue #2 of the day. Jersey is high energy and my kind of longboarding dog! She was in foster with a good friend's rescue and the foster stated that she was very bad with other dogs and they needed help. They've done a lot for me so I agreed to go get her. Jersey won't meet the other dogs at all for a while but in the meantime we'll work on our bond and get that nervous energy out! And yes, those are sandals. Wouldn't recommend everyone wearing them on a board... If you haven't been here long I was bit on the feet pretty bad about a week and a half ago and shoes still hurt ­čśú